1 May

305 1 May: Diocletian and Maximian retire as emperors and the Second Tetrarchy is established     82/0305

Flavius Julius Crispus born somewhere in the East, the son of Constantine and his mistress Minervina.

1473 Peter Bischoff appears as architect (Werckmeister des Mauerhoffes) of the cathedral and city of Strasburg

1518 Antonio San Gallo (II) was appointed architect of the church (of St. Peter's) and the Vatican palace

1733 death of Nicolas Coustou

1807 Household Furniture and Interior Decoration
1828 death of Barthélemy Vignon
1875 death of Alfred Stevens
1880 death of Charles Edward Isabelle

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Re: Wedge of Light is a SHADOW
2003.05.01 12:21

and speaking of gallery...
2003.05.01 15:59     224a

Re: The Future of War Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies
2003.05.01 16:40

paris 2054
2006.05.01 14:33     3337 3786k

the state of drawing in education
2008.05.01 10:07     3333q 3770s 3791d

2011.05.21 07:49     3773j

Pompidou responds to "fascist" Le Corbusier claims
2015.05.01 14:33

Odd Architectural Details
2015.05.01 16:34     3310s 3766 4016x
2015.05.01 16:40     3310s 3766
2015.05.01 16:47     3310s 3766
2015.05.01 16:58     3310t

Elding Oscarson   M20 Museum   Berlin

deLapuerta Asensio Campo   El Porvenir Housing Towers   Sevilla

2003.05.01 12:21
Re: Wedge of Light is a SHADOW
John Young wrote:
The WTC pit is the ur-skyscraper experience, reminder of the sunken plaza so beloved in the 60s for hi-rises which offered more rentable space below ground level. That Libeskind wants to glamorize the aesthetics of the slurry wall, indeed is working with the structural engineer who designed it, shows what landmarking can be used for. The glazing over the sacred wall is a nice Damien Hirst sliced cow rip-off.
lauf-s replied:
And speaking of a "Damien Hirst sliced cow rip-off," how's this for something completely pre-Damien Hirst? It's even 1984!

if ever there were wedges...

2003.05.01 16:40
Re: The Future of War Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies
Perhaps all that is really happening is that many humans (especially the younger human element on this planet) have succumb to believing that if it isn't on a screen it just isn't real enough anymore.
When the Apostles asked Christ when Jerusalem would come to an end, He answered "when the desecration of desecration stands where it ought not." Thus, when a statue of Caesar was placed within the Temple precinct, the subsequent Hebrew revolt ended with the Fall of Jerusalem. Then, when the Apostles asked Christ when the world would come to an end, He answered, "Watch." Could it be that what Christ meant is that the world will end when everyone in the world will be doing nothing but watching a screen, and that the Second Coming will occur via Christ taking over all electro-magnetic planetary communications whether plugs are pulled or not?
At least not in my lifetime.

2006.05.01 14:33
paris 2054
The dead Piranesi likes Philadelphia because of the design of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.
Plus, almost 240 years after Piranesi secretly changed the Ichnographia Campus Martius into a second state, the two versions of the large plan were finally discovered in Philadelphia. Piranesi made the secret changes only to see who would ultimately discover them.

2008.05.01 10:07
the state of drawing in education
In terms of drawing tool evolution then:
CAD offers an abundance of drawing tools and drawing capabilities.
The (so-called) inbuilt tendencies of CAD drawing tools are abundantly customizable.
The drawing field within CAD is also abundantly customizable.
CAD drawing data is fluid, easily manipulated, easily reproduced (thus making changes easily recordable, etc.).
It probably helps to have a fluid drawing/designing mindset to then optimally utilize the abundant capabilities of computer aided design/drawing.
Is it yet an inbuilt tendency for educators to instruct customization?

14050101 Schizophrenic Fold 6 plan 22002 context   2307i28
14050102 Infringment Complex plan 22002 context 2308i03
14050103 House for Otto 3 plan 22002 context   2309i04
14050104 House for Otto 4 plan 22002 context   2310i02
14050105 House for Otto 5 plan 22002 context   2311i02
14050106 House for Otto 6 plan 22002 context   2312i01
14050107 House for Otto 7 plan 22002 context   2313i02
14050108 House for Otto 8 plan 22002 context   2314i02
14050109 House for Otto 9 plan 22002 context   2315i03
14050110 House for Otto 10 plan 22002 context   2316i02

15050102   deLapuerta Asensio Campo   El Porvenir Housing Towers   Sevilla

17050101   Elding Oscarson   M20 Museum   Berlin

19050101   ICM IQQ19 plans   2110i146
19050102   ICM IQQ20 plans   2110i147
19050103   ICM IQQ22 extra 01 plans   2110i148
19050104   ICM IQQ22 extra 02 plans   2110i149
19050105   ICM IQQ23 extra 01 plans   2110i150
19050106   ICM IQQ23 extra 02 plans   2110i151
19050107   ICM IQQ24 plans   2110i152
19050108   ICM IQQ27 plans   2110i153
19050109   Novel Architecturale iqq19 plan development   2481i01

20050101   GAUA block 003 base model work bldg 006 107   2429i395
20050102   GAUA block 004 base model work Sober House 1   2429i396
20050103   GAUA block 005 base model bldg 042   2429i397
20050104   GAUA block 006 base model Courthouse Plus Ultra   2429i398
20050105   GAUA block 007 base model Custom House etc.   2429i399




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