what a f...ing imposition!

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2006.03.23 11:03
Starting a plan...
I never got over the frustration....

....hence "Complex Ichnography and Contradictory Contentment"

2006.03.22 17:38
Zumthor "Thinking Architecture"
I think that's discussed in On Being Blue by Gass.
oh cum all ye faithful?

2006.03.22 17:16
Architecture as Signal

2006.03.22 17:06
Architecture as Signal
...just so signals don't get crossed, the next ten years of my life are my "I don't give a fuck decade."

2006.03.22 16:43
Architecture as Signal
Maybe some architecture courses should be taught by blind people.

2006.03.22 16:23
Architecture as Signal
...you can't falter "now and again" because time doesn't exist, or did you already forget that.
Besides, if architecture can't communicate anything, then certainly I can't communicate anything either, thus I don't expect any meaningful results.
I love seams.
Real architecture is all about seams that architects most often want covered up.

2006.03.22 13:14
Zumthor "Thinking Architecture"
After reading all the fuss over this book, I read it a couple of years ago and found it forgettable, even trite.

2006.03.22 11:32
Thread Central
Spent birthday morning delivering my mother to her doctor appointment--very apropos.
Bought some soft pretzels with my brother.
Visited the Liberty Bell Pavilion.
Late afternoon got a phone call from old friend; someone slipped some Ecstasy into their bottled water at the disco.
Enjoyed watching Under the Tuscan Sun.

2006.03.22 11:22
Archiencters and their material posessions
Part of a Lenni-Lenape camp site, and, by proxy, part of a seventeenth century Swedish fort site (which is where I'm headed right now) where there was once a peach tree grove, and during the 1980s and 1990s there was again a small peach tree grove--I've cut down over a dozen peach trees in my life, after they stopped bringing enough peaches, that is. There were a few peach trees at the Lenni-Lenape camp site as well.
Plus my eBay account and Anonymous Saint in Bikini Whie Jesus is Walking on Water and No Doubt the Artist Suffered as Well.
Oh, and how could I forget The Size of the Horse's Balls?!

2006.03.22 09:39
FUNCTION - physical or metaphysical
When I was younger there were five different funeral homes in my immediate neighborhood, close enough that I could walk to any one of them within a few minutes. All these funeral homes were first houses--three were large single homes and two were the the corner houses at the end of a row of homes. Only one of the funeral homes still exists as a funeral home today, one is now Triumphal something something church, one is a Lutheran Family center, and the two row homes are now just row homes again.
And when I was very young, some dead neighbors on my block were laid out in their living rooms. In the 1980s I used to joke that I wanted to be buried under my basement.
Ah, their house is a museum when people come to see 'em.
Form and function follow imagination, and imagination follows human physiology.

2006.03.22 08:46
Thread Central
As far as archinect is concerned quondam, Rita Novel and Wolfhilde von Schlittenfahrt are the same person.

2006.03.21 10:57
FUNCTION - physical or metaphysical
My point was that now-a-days communities are just as ephemeral as functions.
I knew factories would come up in terms of functionally specific architecture, mostly because the functional aesthetic in architecture was prety much inspired by factories.
What a "community" keeps is in large measure contingent on how a building is zoned (or rezones 'residential'). Here in Philadelphia religious buildings tend to stay religious buildings, and religious buildings "function" mostly because they are tax exempt.
Don't get me wrong though, I'm all for re-use before demolition. I mean, how else could I look at a Cambodian Buddhist Temple after I walk out of the Rite-Aid?
Gotta go, a friend just called and invited me to (belated birthday) lunch at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I was also told that part of the Liberty Bell Pavilion is going to Australia. Now there's a building worth studying the form-and-function-of relative to the "community".




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