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Cat's away, mice will play or Mom goes eclectic

2013.03.02 19:42
2 March   3302

2014.03.12 16:32
9 March
Remember, the seeming 'immorality' you speak of is really only an artificial parameter. There is no real immorality in designing with a kit of parts. Look at Rossi's architecture and architectural designs themselves to see how he utilized the notion of analogous. Personally, I like this definition of analogous the most: having a similar function but differing in structure and origin: the wings of a bird and those of a plane are analogous.

2014.09.12 13:54
How to read like an architect.

I'm currently in the process of taking apart a 1823 edition of Durand's Précis des Leçons d’Architecture. It's never easy taking apart a book (literally and emotionally), but I'm doing it this time to optimally scan all the engravings.

When I'm done with the scanning, I could sell the engravings individually at eBay (and make back maybe 5 times the amount I paid for the book), yet I'll probably just keep it all and rearrange it with other (taken apart) books to create strange and new architecture books.
I never counted all my books, but it's a lot, kind of too much. What's weird now is what books I have more than one of:
Architectural Theory
Out of the Ordinary (one from the Free Library for 25 cents)
Adjusting Foundations
Pewter Wings, Golden Horns, Stone Veils
Lotus 19
Lotus 22
Letarouilly (two 1980s, one 1910s)
Buhlmann's Classic and Renaissance Architecture
Schinkel's Collection of Architectural Designs (both 1981 folio box edition size)
El Croquis MDRDV 1991-2002
Le Corbusier's Oeuvre Complete vol. 1
Le Corbusier's Oeuvre Complete vol. 8
Norberg-Schulz's Baroque Architecture (big)
Tafuri and De Feo's Modern Architecture/2 (small)
Architecture and Utopia
If I took apart all those 'extra' books and then rearrange them, that would be quite a new library of architecture books.
I used to have two of Durand's Recueil et Parallèle des Édifices de tout genre, Anciens et Modernes, but I sold the 1982(?) reprint edition once I acquired an expanded 3 volume 1826 Italian edition.




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