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1507 contract fpr Andrea Briosco great candelabrum at S. Antonio
1595 Hendrick Corneliszoon de Keyser was appointed sculptor and architect to the city of Amsterdam

1929 birth of John Hejduk

Towards a New Dexterity
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architecture of extremities
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other extremes in architecture
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publisher continued
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Crispus and Fausta
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exactly 1675 years ago
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WTC Panoramas (and history)
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Re: WTC Panoramas
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biomimicry and architecture
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"The Barnes Foundation, Long Silent, Speaks"
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Verb: Featured Discussion
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Happy 10th Birthday Archinect - Jul 19th 1997-2007
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Mom goes eclectic
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The Vanna Venturi House is for sale
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The kind of laughter provoked by...
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Herzog & de Meuron   Beirut Terraces

publisher continued
01   Campo Marzio scholarship shop.
07   Ichnographia Ottopia: a rare edition.
08   Novel, Hertz and [FOG]
09   the former Quondam--the first un-building to undo itself.
10   Hertz: designer of future fashion; Remove.
11   collaged magazines.
12   NOvel: Sandover Lite; Gass; Stein; librarian of Quondam.
13   [FOG]: soap opera house (Stotesbury); specializes in un-houses.
15   A tribute to Nethca: Welcome to the Hotel Anecdotal.

architecture of extremities
Up till now I have not been able to adequately place the architecture of ancient Egypt within the Body, Imagination, and Architecture, but last night its meaning/interpretation came to me. Because it chronosomatically coincides with the legs, Egyptian architecture is within the region of corporeal extremity, and thus Egyptian architecture is an architecture of extremes.
The extremes of Egyptian architecture are somewhat obvious, and the great Pyramid is the best extreme example. The Great Pyramid is of extreme size, extreme abstraction of geometry, extreme polish, and extreme program--architecture of death. It could even be said that ancient Egyptian architecture goes in the extreme opposite direction from the rest of world architecture, primarily in terms of life vs. death, and light vs. darkness.
The temples of ancient Egypt also exemplify an extreme in that the inner-most sanctuary is of total darkness. Moreover, the architecture throughout is an extreme use of stone. (This last comment reminds me of Stonehenge in its extreme use of stone also, and its alignment with the summer solstice, an extreme solar condition, the longest day.)
An interesting reverse extreme in ancient Egyptian is the temple architecture of Akhenaten where there was no roof at all, only extreme sunlight. Akhenaten is also extreme himself within Egyptian history as being the "heretic" Pharaoh because he transformed Egyptian religion from extreme polytheism to and absolute monotheism.

010719a Bustum Hadriani plans   231ai15
010719b Bustum Hadriani plans   2110i47
010719c Bustum Hadriani plans   2110i48

2005.07.19 17:42
biomimicry and architecture
I see mimicry here all right, but it isn't biology.

2012.07.19 15:41
The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized
Cat's away, mice will play or Mom goes eclectic

13071901 mesh surfaces clean wireframe cubed   2403i09   b
13071902 NNTCWTC models perspectives   2218i02 2427i02   b

15071901 10-11 Market Street Dresdner Bank legacy plans models   2263i11   b
15071902 10-11 Market Street Dresdner Bank legacy existing buildings plans models   2263i12

15071901   Herzog & de Meuron   Beirut Terraces

16071901 IQ58/09 Karastan Whitemarsh Hall plans Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached   3392vv48   b
16071902 IQ58/10 Karastan plans Whitemarsh Hall site plan image attached   3392vv49   b

17071901 Netherlands Embassy plans section to scale   2338i02
17071902 Netherlands Embassy plans raw translation to scale   2338i03
17071903 Winton Guest House model plan image   2247i02
17071904 NE Philadelphia plan with mesh surfaces   2093i71
17071905 mesh surfaces q000917e nwo 25x25 invisible lines deleted   3392wi01

18071901 Palace of Versailles and Park plan image   2092i36
18071902 Palace of Versailles and Park plan layered   2092i36
18071903 Gallaratese Housing Block plans elevation work   2214i05

19071901 Parc de la Villette Netherlands Architecture Institute Villa dall'Ava Villa Geerlings Maison Bordeaux Netherlands Embassy Y2K House Seattle Central Library Flick House I NATO HQ CCTV Casa da Musica Apraksin Dvor plans   224ji13
19071902 Parc de la Villette @ ICM original orientation 17102902 plans   224ji14




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