analogous, recombinant

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The Otto Houses - what role does schizophrenia play with recombinant architectures. images

The Mayor's House - first true recombinant plan.
Kahn's Media Convent, then C&P house.
Analogous Building.
Infringement Complex, expecially the underlying plan.
Maison Millennium - all the stages.
Ur-Ottopia House.
Hotel Collagio.
Neo-Campo Marzio plans; and new Campo Marzio plans.
The 'planned' recombinants (e.g., Bye + Gooding).
The architecture composition of Taken Literally.
Villa Savoye-Maison l'Homme crash.
The latest Campo Marzio plan play as featured in QA001.

1. houses of ill-repute--the plan is to construct a number of cad models utilizing other model parts and extruded surfaces.

2003.02.13 10:25
mixing things up
I wish museums mixed things up more. For example, I'd like to see Poons in a French period room, or Duchamp in a Ladies Room. Brancusi next to armour, why not? Museum as future-shock, sorta. Pick your destiny.
Hold me! Thrill me! Kiss me! You're my pride and joy, etc. Now rearrange me.

2005.03.22 10:26
church and synagogue
Since learning that Le Corbusier's St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert is again under construction and slated for completion 2006, I had been thinking about the 3D CAD model of this building design in Quondam's collection. I was reminded of (a set of 1998 Quondam web pages that exhibited) how the plan of St. Pierre fit very nicely into the sanctuary of Louis Kahn's Hurva Synagogue.
Yesterday, I placed the model of St. Pierre inside the model of Hurva Synagogue, and started rendering images of the results. I thought I was really just playing until I thought about the architectural implications of designing a Roman Catholic Church within a Jewish Synagogue. Would such an architecture speak to how Christianity is more or less wrapped in Judaism? And, given the nature of the Hurva design, there is every evocation of St. Pierre being "wrapped with ruins."

A new breed of architecture after St. Pierre/Hurva Synagogue merged.

6. There is the idea of going very easy recombinant with the Quondam cad collection, and in the process generating a new narrative for Quondam. Ottopia is more or less the context, but so is Quondam itself, and so is reality (filtered through the virtual).

some progress
[recording] The cad databases are taking time, and it is kind of tedious work. There are some inspirations that occur during the process while seeing the databases, but who knows if I'll ever do anything except just forget that I was ever inspired.
I do like the notion of continuing to use the databases as part of an ongoing architectural narrative at Quondam. Right now I'm not sure what that narrative will be, but I'll probably keep it in the context of Ottopia/Romaphilia. The narrative might also be about Quondam itself.




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