Hejduk, John

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2014.09.23 09.18
22 September

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2014.09.24 15:21
23 September
No, I was not bummed when Wall House 2 was built in the Netherlands (I think). I found it interesting, moreover, that the built work is something like 1.2 times the size of the drawn design. Somewhere along the line I think I read that the building was 'uninhabitable', but I may have just imagined that. As to it first being "perfect paper architecture," the design was intended for a sloping, wooded site in Connecticut (with a separate garage). The 'wall' would have been positioned where the ground starts to slope downward, thus the 'suspended nature' of the room-pods would be further accentuated. So perhaps the real fault of the built work is that it did not occur at a site like the one it was intended for. Also, rather than seeing Wall House 2 as "this perfect paper architecture," I see the design (built or not) as a perfect museum-piece (of architecture).

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