Hejduk, John

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design progress
...inspiration regarding how to go about filling in the "gaps" of the Ottopia plan--create the boundary of the gap and fill the resultant (strange) shape with some existing plan data. I tried the process for behind the Altes Museum, filling the shape of the site with the Chandigarh/Governor's Palace site plan, and the outcome is nice--I'm going to treat it as a mat building with "sculptural" buildings on top.
I also did some strange 'scale and rotate' experiment with the Islamabad complex plan, using complex windows, and a kind of deconstructivist/Libeskind type of plan resulted. I'm not sure if more experimentation will result in better, more provocative or satisfying results. I wonder what would happen if the exercise were applied to a model instead of a plan?
On Quondam's front page I published images from the Ichnographia contiguous elements database. I just removed all line work apart from the (white) walls. The resultant drawings are a bit reminiscent of Hejduk's masques. I don't know if I'll ever use such data for any kind of design idea or implication.


2007.07.03 16:44
Just got a 1823 edition of Durand's Précis des leçons d'architecture this past Saturday, and seeing it now next to Hejduk's books inspires a comparative reenactionary analysis.
J.L.N. Durand
1760.09.18 - 1834.12.31
John Quentin Hejduk
1929.07.19 - 2000.07.03

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