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first virtual house of the 20th century   3120m

Domenstic - playing with all the domestic architecture at Quondam.
Quondam Muses or Musarum Muses - museum play using Quondam's museum collection.

001124b domestic architecture plans
001124c domestic architecture plans
001124c domestic architecture plans superimposed

Plus Ultra Houses
...houses that have morphed (mostly) into museums, and the Sessorian is featured as precursor of Western civilization's "treasure houses" -- the palace at Trier provides a second example of a(n Imperial) house to morph into a double basilica.
...a working model of the first Sessorian conversion (into Santa Croce in Gerusalemme), ...virtual/Quondam play, e.g., design the floor paving based on 'to scale' representations of other floor plans (like 5233, Steve's Acropolis?) and filling the interior elevations with renderings of other to scale elevations, animated.
The "plus ultra" in the title is the Latin for 'more beyond', or more hyper, and comes from the inscription over the library fireplace of Fonthill. After the discovery of the New World, the edges of maps said, "plus ultra."
Domestic Databases.

011102a domestic architecture plans

01112301 domestic architecture plans

011125a domestic architecture elevations
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88 houses of ill-repute  

2003.10.05 14:47
Re: the McMansion Effect ((space))
..and then there's all the stuff that is now created and stored digitally, which sometimes gets put in digital museums.
Are the large homes and all their contents of today something like subliminal evocations of museums? "A man's home is his castle." And just look at how many actual castles and palaces are now actual museums.
"I want a McMuseum, hypersized."
Take a moment or two to count the 'collections' presently in your home.

2004.04.14 22:25
Re: "Revivalists..."
"Ludwig did not set out to copy the entire Palace of Versailles; in fact, he conceived Herrenchiemsee as something of a shell, in which only two rooms were of consequence--the State Bedroom and the Hall of Mirrors. He commissioned architect Georg Dollmann and, later, Julius Hofmann, to faithfully duplicate the center block and side wings, He eventually wished to include to longer auxiliary wings containing the chapel and court theater, but money ran short before these schemes could be executed. The king never intended that all the rooms should be completed: From the beginning, Herrenchiemsee was to be a set piece into which certain rooms were to be introduced. Their bare plaster walls, bricked up windows, and vaulted stone ceilings only served to fill out the space behind the palace's facade, providing an eerie contrast to the extravagant rooms of the piano nobile. By the fall of 1885, the palace was ready for a royal visit."
--Greg King, The Mad King: A Biography of Ludwig II of Bavaria, pp. 241-2
Earlier today, while driving to the local post office (which is within a large local shopping center, which years ago was the site of Heinz Manufacturing), I passed by what until a year or two ago was a K-Mart. For some reason the entrance to this place was wide open, and inside was an enormous, cavernous space. I thought to myself, "Gosh, the interiors of these stores are so ephemeral." Then I thought, might it not be interesting if homes were treated/designed like BIG BOX stores. Now, thinking of Herrenchiemsee, why can't all BIG BOXES look like Versailles on the outside and empty shells on the inside. Or, is that what is kind of already happening, and Ludwig was a "dreamer" just a head of his time.

digital cat

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07071803 Domestic Museum plans
07071804 Domestic Museum site plan plans

07072401 Domestic Museum model

2008.07.14 08:06
bored with modern & contemporary, yet?
gemmating decorated shed/skeleton of paradigm shift: infringement complex II

2008.07.14 10:06
bored with modern & contemporary, yet?
"Then I thought, might it not be interesting if homes were treated/designed like BIG BOX stores."
It could well be argued that the Villa Savoye is a fitting representation or acme even of the paradigm shift in residential architecture toward overall minimalism. The skeleton of a minimalist building is even more minimal (or see Farnsworth House). Then came the decorated shed with minimalist decoration. And in the virtual present gemmating decorated sheds infringing upon minimalist remains.

08092501 domestic architecture plans chronological order

09010801 Villa Savoye and derivatives plans

09030101 IQ domestic architecture plans

09061703 domestic architecture Tower of Shadows plans
09061704 domestic architecture Tower of Shadows elevations

09061901 Domestic Museum Tower of Shadows plans

10061101 Vanna Venturi House domestic architecture plans

10061202 Tugendhat House domestic architecture plans
10061203 Farnsworth House domestic architecture plans
10061204 Maison Bordeaux domestic architecture plans

10061303 Gallaratese Housing domestic architecture plans

11060201 Eclectic Houses domestic architecture elevations

11062201 Pruitt-Igoe Housing scan plan

11110701 contemporary architecture plans

12062001 Eclectic Houses Gooding House Vanna venturi House plans elevations

13050801 Wall House 2 plans derivative domestic architecture plans House 15 plan

13052001 Houses Under a Common Roof composite site plan plans

13052001 Houses Under a Common Roof composite site plan plans @ NNTC/District Q

13052201 District Q plan development

13052301 District Q plan development

13052501 Fruchter House plan Kahn architecture plans

13053002 Alder House plan Kahn architecture plans

13060301 Adler House Goldenberg House Retreat House plans

13060401 De Vore House Adler House Goldenberg House plans

13082401 Hejduk architecture plans derivative plans Campo Rovine plans

13082501 Hejduk architecture plans derivative plans Campo Rovine plans

13101002 Maison Dom-ino Legacy plans

14012103 domestic architecture plans (layers 1-99)
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14012107 domestic architecture plans (layers 60-79)
14012108 domestic architecture plans (layers 80-99)

14041601 domestic architecture plans collection grid

Domestic plans at Pruitt-Igoe, New Not There City  

14101501 domestic architecture plans @ Pruitt-Igoe NNTC

14102501 domestic architecture elevations

14102601 domestic architecture elevations

14120101 domestic architecture elevations

domestic elevations  

14122502 Tugendhat House Courthouse with Garage Farnsworth House plans @ Pennypack plans

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15011103 Kahn's diachronic house plans 1952-67

15011301 Philadelphia IQ2-5-6 Girard East Housing Francisvill Housing plans

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