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Ur-Ottopia House   2303
Gooding Trice House   2377
Gooding Trice Villa   2378

scale and architecture
...a collection of 3D houses: Villa Savoye, Villa Stein de Monzie, Villa à Garches, Wall House 2, Housing for La Villette, Houses Under a Common Roof, Gooding House, Maison l'Homme, Maison Dom-ino. ...a study in plan, elevation, axonometric, and perspective of these buildings standing side by side.

scale and architecture
...central space/radiating plan, big central space: Villa Rotunda, Goldenberg House, Retreat House, Gooding House.

scale and architecture
Scale play on the house elevations -- breakdown analysis of the Gooding House, big 3-dimensional openings of Venturi's Weiss House, scale comparison with the horizontal windows at St. Peter's, Rome

Gooding House
Venturi, Rauch & Scott Brown's Gooding House offers some very interesting scale issues that provide excellent examples of scale used in contemporary design. The first issue, of course, is the colossal order applied to each facade. The second issue is the overscaled windows. And the third issue is the overall impression that the house is smaller that it actually is (I think because of the overscaled windows).
I just thought how Venturi's use of scale manipulation is exactly the opposite of the Disneyland use of scale manipulation, and it is ironic that an overemphesis in scale can produce a diminutive effect. I also want to mention that I first noticed Venturi's use of overscaled windows in his Chinatown (Philadelphia) Housing.
It would be beneficial to see the elevations and the model next to some other 3D models of domestic architecture... ...a comparison between the Gooding House and the Maison l'Homme and the Plecnik's Houses Under a Common Roof, and perhaps even the Bye House (for real contrast).

Michelangelo's horizontal window
...construct a 3-D model of Michelangelo's horizontal window at St. Peter's. I want to compare it in scale to Venturi's Gooding House. This may not lead to anything, however, but if it does, I'm hoping it will shed some light on Venturi's manipulation of scale.

more data on some Venturi houses
...looking through the Lutyen's volumes and found some designs that are comparable to Venturi's house designs, i.e., a cottage in the kitchen garden at Gledstone Hall has two urns a la the Gooding House, and an elevation from the crypt at Liverpool Cathedral is similar to the funny "Dream House," 1977. There are also similarities between the smaller Lutyen's houses, cottages, Hamsted Court, etc.
...reread some in Complexity and Contradiction on juxtaposition and Superadjacencies. Venturi does not specifically discuss scale but he does call out many examples of varyingly scaled elements set beside each other within the same architectural composition.

building model combinations
...a combination of the Bye House and the Gooding House.

Gooding House   c1129

Exhibit Graphics: Inspiration
...scale comparison of Hurva Synagogue, Villa Savoye, Altes Museum, Gooding House.

Gooding House and Bye House/Altes Museum comparison and contrast
...collage the Gooding House and Bye House projects mainly because of the polar oppositeness in terms of architectural style and attitude both formally and towards the idea of domestic architecture. ...enlarge the front wall of Absecon and then put it in place of the Bye wall. ...continue the collage by then also adding (only) the Absecon cornice all around and the appliqué columns. It might make a very interesting hybrid paradigm or then again it may produce something ridiculous.
A gutted Gooding House compared to a gutted Altes Museum and the rustic hut.

Not There
The Venturi quotation[?] and using the Gooding House as an example by distorting the building in a number of ways.

...create the model interior of the Gooding House.

gallery 1999
...Gooding House model vibrated multiple collage[?].

...color painting the Gooding House model and then animate manipulations.

2003.02.04 11:50
Re: Robert Venturi
I'm beginning to see a lot of Venturi et al architecture and design as 'mod'. Not Modern, not Post-Modern, not (just) Pop--specifically mod.
The Princeton Memorial Park tower is very mod, as is the Mr. and Mrs. Gooding House of a decade later.
Venturi, like Stirling, is a mod colorist (for sure), a distinct rarity within 20th century architectural history. A 'mod architecture' exhibit is in the works at Quondam.
For a very clear display of Venturi et al's work in the context of the POP era (1956-1968) see Les Annees Pop, the catalogue of the exhibit going by the same name held at the Centre Pompidou 15 March to 18 June 2001. Here, each year is displayed by what was produced in it. Unfortunately (for some like me) all the text is in French, but there are lots of images.

Le Corbusier and Hejduk
The combination of Le Corbusier, Hejduk and Izenour is indeed odd, but it might just be the perfect combination for New Wildwood architecture. Is the Bye/Gooding House a precursor?

2005.12.01 12:52
Consumerism and Monumentality
You know, this house actually is a bit of a 'spin-off' of a Lutyens designed garden pavilion. I can't remember the name of the Lutyens house, Gledstone Hall, I think.

2008.07.14 10:06
bored with modern & contemporary, yet?
It could well be argued that the Villa Savoye is a fitting representation or acme even of the paradigm shift in residential architecture toward overall minimalism. The skeleton of a minimalist building is even more minimal (or see Farnsworth House). Then came the decorated shed with minimalist decoration. And in the virtual present gemmating decorated sheds infringing upon minimalist remains.

2009.12.16 10:16
Ugly Architecture (purposefully so)
Part II of Learning from Las Vegas is entitled "Ugly and Ordinary Architecture, or the Decorated Shed" with a specific essay therein entitled "Heroic and Original, or Ugly and Ordinary".
Regarding the architecture of FAT, the Gooding House* may be a major precedent.
*designed 1977, same year as the publication of The Language of Post-Modern Architecture where the image at the bottom of page 115 offers an interesting coincidence.

2011.01.14 12:02
7 Wonders (and a half) of POSTMODERN architecture?
Charles Holland at Fantastic Journal:
I'm currently involved in writing a book re-appraising architectural Post Modernism. It's top secret, hush-hush. Part of it contains a top ten of Po-Mo moments, which I realise makes it sound like a rather ugly box of chocolates. Anyway, now that the final mix has been agreed I thought I'd share a few of the ones that didn't make the final cut.
Anyway, here's a selection of 'id' moments:
Gooding House aka Weight-Watchers House
Ur-Ottopia House
Good-Bye House
Gooding Trice House
Gooding Trice Villa
Psycho-Suburban Pochè

2012.01.29 11:39
Looking for Venturi cartoon
To further confuse the issue, see pages 56-58 of The Language of Post-Modern Architecture--interesting theory of movie star homes being "the most influential in popular taste."
For the record, the cartoon above from Learning from Las Vegas is from the "Learning from Levittown" studio at Yale 1970, with the drawing/cartoon by Robert Miller (who might be the inspiration for a fictional client today).
"Following the appearance of Learning from Las Vegas (1972), R. Venturi, D. Scott Brown and S. Izenour had planned the publication of their second Yale research project under the title "Learning from Levittown". This book was never completed, but the research material became the basis for a 1976 exhibition [Signs of Life] in Washington D.C." --Stanilaus von Moos
Eclectic Houses and the Gooding House are both from 1977, and may well be seen as "theory/research into practice." Check out the comparative scales. And in 1999, hyper-eclectic.




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