2 November

1560 birth of Annibale Caracci

1798 death of Charles de Wailly

CM Catalogo
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Campo Marzio
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the architect's wife style
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[a] vanguardist reports 2001
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Et in Arcadia Ego
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Plus Ultra Houses
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Peter Eisenman: Two Projects
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Reenactionary Architecturism
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Stab one: a thesis declaration
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atemporality at work?
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Long derided by architects, Prince Charles' model town Poundbury might not be all that bad after all
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MOS   Collector’s Residence   New York

MOS   Collector’s Residence

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96110202 Fragment Museum perspective   2298i02

[a] vanguardist reports 2001
The troops who march at the head of an army.
The leaders of thought, taste, or opinion in a field (as art, letters, or politics).
Hence, one who or that which is foremost.
Those who create, produce, or apply new, original, or experimental ideas, designs, and techniques in any field, especially in the arts.
A group (as of writers or artists) that is unorthodox and untraditional in its approach.
The predilection for or practice of intellectual or artistic experimentation.

011102a domestic plans   3713i02


2008.11.02 10:05
Reenactionary Architecturism
Strictly speaking, however, the human skull is not an exoskeleton. While encasing/protecting the brain, the skull also provides support and structure for the head, which contains most of the body's orifices. And it is indeed these capital orifices that channel the senses of sight, smell, taste and hearing--all refinements of the sense of touch.
[There is a reason why helmets are still a vital part of military garb.]
Consider too how the rib cage provides protection for the body's most vital organs. And how the hiatus between the pelvis and the rib cage is where the body (both male and female) most expands.
The human body's true vestige of an exoskeleton are the nails, which are at the tips of the extremities, the outer reaches, the points of primal physical contact--touch--with other matter. I have in the past wondered if the genes associated with our nails are among the very oldest of our genome.
Is there or will there ever be an architecture that reenacts keratin?

2008.11.02 19:07
Stab one: a thesis declaration
What exactly is "the assumed masculinity of military architecture"?
To clarify my thesis:
So what then is architecture? Is it a [feminine] hard, 'simple', 'natural' protective shell that engenders the continuation of life? Or is it a [masculine] soft formlessness forever (re-)designing an applied shell it doesn't naturally have?"

14110201 San Stefano image plan attached 4th century architecture plans   2404i12   b

16110201 Pantheon Paradigm section 07 plans IQ15   5217i01
16110202 Pantheon Paradigm section 08 plans IQ15   5218i01
16110203 Pantheon Paradigm section 05 plans IQ15   5215i01
16110204 Pantheon Paradigm section 06 plans IQ15   5216i01
16110205 Pantheon Paradigm section 03 plans IQ19   5213i01
16110206 Pantheon Paradigm section 04 plans IQ19   5214i01
16110207 Pantheon Paradigm section 01 plans IQ19   5211i01
16110208 Pantheon Paradigm section 02 plans IQ19   5212i01

16110201   MOS   Collector’s Residence

17110201   MOS   Collector’s Residence   New York

19110201 Contemination 004 plan   2483i04

20110201   Villa dall'Ava model work   2276i21

Nicolas Poussin   The Arcadian Shepherds   1638

Et in Arcadia Ego
reality reenacting its own illusory mirror
double theater

Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
Piazza San Pietro




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