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2009.03.16 11:28
Venturi's Lieb House (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
I'm beginning to wonder which is more unmovable, a building or an opinion.
"[This museum should be regarded as a kind of reliquary containing various mementoes symbolizing not only the eternal brother-conflict, but also the military and diplomatic encounters, exchanges and betrayals of recorded history.] An old woman conducts a party through the museum, pointing out relics from the battle career of her hero Wellington, the Iron Duke. There are exhibits under glass and pictures on the walls. A flag, a bullet, a military hat; Duke Wellington on his big white horse; three soldiers crouching in a ditch; a pair of Naopeon's jinnies, making believe to read a book of strategy; and a sex-caliber telescope through which the Duke trains on the flanks of the jinnies."

2009.03.17 14:12
Venturi's Lieb House (No. 9) House to be moved (or demolished)
Regarding the Lieb House "sail" window, see elevation of the just prior Frug House II and then the plan of Frug House II.

2012.03.12 22:11
...the notion of saving the building because

You know, I've come around to the notion of saving the building because it would be perfect as the world's first Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum. First off, you wouldn't have to change a thing, nor repair anything, for that matter. The building would become famous--well, maybe famous isn't the right word, but such a museum would definitely garner lots of media attention. And just think of all the opportunities to educate the masses, but in a twisted way, of course. Some would gleam knowledge of what architecture shouldn't be, while others (at the same time) gleam knowledge of what architecture should be. Kinky, indeed. Oh, and the t-shirts in the museum shop say, "I visited the Sado-Masochistic Architecture Museum and all I got was this lousy t-shirt that says 'Shock me, I'm bourgeois!'" Wait! Wait! There's also another t-shirt that says, "Suck isn't the only thing that architecture does."

2012.03.23 21:32
Re: Traditional Architecture
It's time for me enlarge/combine both my houses.

The program is simple: add lots more period rooms.

2012.11.20 - 2012.12.31
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2012.12.30 13:05
In the future, everything will be a museum.
I believe in multiple choice:
a. Welcome to the Hotel Zeitgeist.
b. In the future, everything will be a Zeitgeist Museum.
c. In the futute, everything will be a museum shop.
d. One museum fits all Zeitgeists. (Period rooms of the world unite!)
e. In the Zeitgeist, everything will be the future.

2013.10.11 15:31
Architecture Art and Earthquakes
It seems that the Bennesse Art Site is more [about] muse[um]ification "has saved the day" rather than "architecture has saved the day."
"The impossibility of using has its emblematic place in the Museum. The muse[um]ification of the world is today an accomplished fact. One by one, the spiritual potentialities that defined the people's lives--art, religion, philosophy the idea of nature, even politics--have docilely withdrawn into the Museum. "Museum" here is not a given physical space or place but the separate dimension to which what was once--but is no longer--felt as true and decisive has moved. In this sense, the Museum can coincide with an entire city (such as Evora and Venice, which were declared World Heritage Sites), a region (when it is declared a park or natural preserve), and even a group of individuals (in so far as they represent a form of life that has disappeared). But more generally, everything today can become a Museum, because this term simply designates the exhibition of an impossibility of using, of dwelling, of experiencing.
Thus in the Museum, the analogy between capitalism and religion becomes clear. The Museum occupies exactly the space and function once reserved for the Temple as the place of sacrifice. To the faithful in the Temple--the pilgrims who would travel across the earth from temple to temple, from sanctuary to sanctuary--correspond today the tourists who restlessly travel in a world that has been abstracted into a Museum."
Giorgio Agamben, "In Praise of Profanation" (2007).
In more than a few ways, the sentiments of the quotation relate directly to the (objectives of) the Bennesse Art Site, where even the (new) architecture now carries the added function of being a 'museum piece'. This is not to negatively criticize for what the art site is doing, but to bring what it's doing into finer focus.
Muse[um]ification (and the tourism that come with it) may indeed become more and more a solution to the types of problems places like Inujima present. And then, beyond that, that is once the muse[um]ification has taken place, "The antidote then may well be to simply use museums."



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