collage architecture

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2007.10.26 18:29
Collage Architecture

Artistic License 001

2007.10.27 11:48
Collage Architecture

Old School of New Thinking 2007.09.22

2007.10.27 13:40
Collage Architecture
I remember those collages in Education of an Architect I from back in the mid-1970s; had no idea who did them back then, and vaguely recall later learning they were by Libeskind. I could probably find some very old "xerox" copies if I looked hard enough. Now, in retrospect, I'd say they had a strong, albeit subliminal, influence on some of my operations. And add to that an early CAD training (1983), the whole 'cut and paste' ethos of computer processing, along with the overall ease of data manipulation, then opened a whole new field with respect to architectural drawing.

2007.11.03 09:19
Collage Architecture

Superstudio, Continuous Monument, 1969

MVRDV, Costa Iberica, 2000
Collage was also implemented throughout Roma Interrotta.

Piero Sartogo, Roma Interrotta: Sector I, 1978.

2007.11.03 10:25
Collage Architecture

Kahn, Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters, 1965-68

Stirling/Wilford, Science Center, 1979-87


Palais House 10: Museum   2394


Ichnographia Ink Blot   2396


Headquarters of D.A.T.A.   2397


Villa Plus Ultra   2398


Courthouse Plus Ultra   2399

2008.08.13 15:38
has the sun finally set on oma?
This appeals to me. The overlay of generative elements and the resultant hyper-figure/hyper-ground.

I like this too.



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