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2012.11.06 13:24
atemporality at work?
The only architectural collage actually in the book Collage City is the frontispiece:
David Griffin and Hans Kolhoff, City of composite presence (1978).
Also, Daniel Libeskind's student collages from Cooper Union:
First published within Education of an Architect (1971).

2012.11.20 19:35
20 November

Urban Collage was designed by architect Edouard François to contain a mixture of all the surrounding residential typologies in the suburban neighbourhood in Champigny-sur-Marne.
"It's like a piled-up reenactment of the whole neighborhood."


New Not There City   2413


Villa Appositional   2425


[virtual] Museum Museum   2428


30th Street Station Railyard   2430

2013.02.13 14:13
13 February/On Courthouse Plus Ultra
The forthcoming On Top of Courthouse with Garage Series:
Villa Savoye on top of Courthouse with Garage
Villa Savoye on top of Courthouse Plus Ultra
Stoner Food Restaurant on top of Courthouse with Garage
Stoner Food Restaurant on top of Courthouse Plus Ultra
Headquarters of D.A.T.A. on top of Courthouse with Garage
Headquarters of D.A.T.A. on top of Courthouse Plus Ultra

2013.03.13 20:01
13 March
Noticed a provocative similarity between one the collages produced by Libeskind* while a student at Cooper Union (c. 1969) and the plan for La Villette by Koolhaas and Zenghelis (1982).

Provocative in the sense of now mentally overlapping the two design strategies, kind of like dimensionally enhancing the already multiple choices.
*Libeskind uses bits of Barcelona Pavilion, Tugendhat House (both Mies), Carpenter Center, Palais des Congres (both Le Corbusier).

2013.03.14 11:58
13 March
Coincidently read this in The Autopoiesis of Architecture early this morning:
"...and Rem Koolhaas's Delirious New York celebrating Manhattan's 'culture of congestion' and its 'critical paranoid method' of radical programmatic and stylistic juxtaposition. The phenomena that Koolhaas found in New York--congestion and random juxtaposition--were violating the prevailing Modernist principles." (p. 130)
It seems that "congestion and random juxtaposition--were violating the prevailing Modernist principles" could be said for Libeskind's collage as well.
Maybe later today I'll take the La Villette plan and cut-and-paste it like a Libeskind collage.
While thinking of all this, I was reminded of something I wrote 2004.05.18 (for sure subliminally influenced by Koolhaas): "I like the list; like chapters, like lessons, like evolutionary stages, like different floors of a building I'd love to design, like a row of restaurants while you're perpetually hungry."
And finally, like the La Villette plan is the section of the New York Athletic Club flipped down, that tower for Dubai is an older Arab settlement flipped up.

Would the Libeskind collage make for an interesting building section?

2013.09.13 09:51
"I loved 'quondam' — I loved the sound of the word, the way it"
Over the years since, I have collected additional meanings of Quondam:
quondam   1 : an enormous online collage   2 : some incompletely architectural museum   3 : architecture as delivery of content   4 : a practice hypermuseum   5 : the architecture [publishing] domain of Stephen Lauf   6 : a virtual place in architectural history   7 : a premier unbuilding that continually undoes itself   8 : the first virtual museum of architecture online   9 : once, at one time, formerly; at times, sometimes, once in a while; some day, one day (in the future)



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