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another museum of architecture reference
Another reference to the "virtual museum of architecture" came from reading some in Rossi's The Architecture of the City. I am reading the chapters (headings) in reverse order and in the introduction to the 2nd Italian edition, Rossi makes reference to the Canaletto painting Capriccio.
"After I wrote this book and from the concepts I postulated in it, I outlined the hypothesis of the analogous city, in which I attempted to deal with theoretical questions concerning design in architecture. In particular I elaborated a compositional procedure that is based on certain fundamental artifacts in the urban reality around which other artifacts are constituted within the framework of an alanogous system. To illustrate this concept I gave the example of Canaletto's fantasy view of Venice, a capriccio in which Palladio's project for the Ponti di Rialto, the Basilica of Vicenza, and the Palazzo Chiericate are set next to each other and described as if the painter were rendering an urban scene he had actually observed. These three Palladian monuments, none of which are actually in Venice (one is a project; the other two are in Vicenza), nevertheless constitute an analogous Venice formed of specific elements associated with the history of both architecture and the city. The geographic transposition of the monuments within the painting constitutes a city that we recognize, even though it is a place of purely architectural reference. This example enables me to demonstrate how a logical-formal operation could be translated into a design method and then into a hypothesis for a theory of architectural design in which the elements were preestablished and formally defined, but where the significance that sprung forth at the end of the operation was the authentic, unforeseen, and original meaning of the work."
Immediately I think of the Strasbourg, Dusseldorf, Hurva composite building that I have created in 3d model form, and I would like to sometime in the future elaborate on how the composite is perhaps an analogous building. Furthermore, Rossi's point provides great fuel for future manipulation of my models and Canaletto's painting in particular provides inspiration and a grounding in terms of a "plan" for the "virtual museum" itself.
Overall, I see the analogous city concept working in tendum with the "virtual museum of architecture" idea, and I am at this point also interested in adding the collage city idea/methodology to the "museum" idea. I could eventually say that there are three historical ideas at the foundation upon which I build my "virtual museum." (This means that I have to re-read The Architecture of the City, Collage City, and perhaps even Rossi's Scientific Biography or whatever I can find on Rossi's ideas of the analogous city. I have to look up the definition of "analogous" and "collage."

Palais des Congrès
Outline of the Palais des Congrès document:
1. Documentation: the building and site
2. Design analysis
3. Comparative analysis.
The first part of the design analysis addresses is the similarity between the Palais des Congrès and the Villa Savoye which discloses the architectural promenade formula. Next, the two interior forums of the Palais des Congrès are compared to the interiors of the Palace of the Soviets. Third, the stage set within the Palais is compared to the Maison Dom-ino, and call out the stage set as a paradigm of Le Corbusier's overall design message and methodology.
Within the comparative analysis, the Palais des Congrès will be collaged with other buildings, particularly with St. Pierre at Firminy-Vert.

(unique) architectural drawings
...a bunch of drawings that make use of all the different CAD capabilities like perspectives of plans such as the Campo Marzio, collages of different models, odd scale/rotation mutations of plans (and elevations, axonometrocs and perspectives). Scale/rotate some of the building models and then generate drawings--perspectives, but also plans, elevations and axonometrics.

a book entitled Not There
Not There: the phenomenology of a virtual museum of architecture. ...the vehicle to exploit all the models in completely experimental manners purely for the intention of demonstrating what kind of experimentation can actually be done.
...the building collage and scale manipulation that is also what the phenomenology is about.
phenomenology d Husserlian philosophy : a discipline endeavoring to lay foundations for all sciences by describing the formal structures of phenomenon or of both actual and possible material essences that are given through a suspension of the natural attitude in pure acts of intuition.

Gooding House and Bye House comparison and contrast
...collage the Gooding House and Bye House projects because of their polar oppositeness in terms of architectural style and attitude both formally and towards the idea of domestic architecture. ...enlarge the front wall of the Gooding House and put it in place of the Bye House wall. Continue the collage by adding the Gooding House cornice all around and the appilique columns. ...a very interesting hybrid paradigm or something totally ridiculous.

collage, palimsest, whatever
copy Ideal City and start rotating and scaling the given plans
copy, scale, and rotate the models (perhaps change some colors)
capture a variety of views but not necessarily a series of walk-through perspectives

Not There, vol. 0, no. 1 - table of contents
Begin a real "Collage City"--an ongoing saga (virtual realm/BIA, New Dexterity).

more Campo Marzio notes
The Scenograpia also depicts actual ruins collaged in the foreground and border; investigate this in terms of possibly providing more evidence toward sound archeology/reconstruction.

more daring @ Quondam
...far more manipulative of the model and 2D data in the collection. ...collaged-distorted designs demonstrating the true possibilities of "virtual" space and museums of architecture. definitions of museums are also being created in the process--a "virtual" museum can go beyond the "mission" of a real museum.

Museum of Architecture for Venice project for a museum of architecture in Venice. ...resurrect this project as Ur-Quondam. is a continuation of the Schinkel-Corbu-Stirling legacy, especially to Schinkel's Court Gardener's House. ...exhibit of the building filled with a collage of rooms (plans)...

individual building comparisons
...comparing Hurva Synagogue and St. Pierre as religious architecture, and comparing the Dominican Convent and the Altes Museum because of their almost exact same size and the similar enclosure of repetitive units.
The Hurva-St. Pierre comparison is about similar scales in plan, but very different scales in elevation. As religious buildings, their comparison may shed insight upon their respective fulfillments of religious programs. Also the idea of comparing Hurva Synagogue to the Pantheon
The Dominican Convent-Altes Museum comparison will allow the creation of a new composite building which may be very original. The inside-out Altes Museum idea may work with this investigation as well.
...also Sober House 1 and the planned Good-Bye House collage.

bibliography; process reenactment   2584
...the proposed annotated bibliography as producing a narrative text... ...actually a record of how the research process and my knowledge of the Campo Marzio grew, changed, and developed along the way. Nearly all the texts contributed major pieces of the puzzle, and, while it could be looked at as a grand collage, the final picture is nonetheless a strongly cohesive unit of data that points ostenibly to the fact that Piranesi knew virtually all there is to know about the ancient Roman Campo Marzio, and, moreover, the Ichnographia is the metabolic catharsis of Piranesi’s almost unfathomable assimilation of knowledge attained throughout the decade or so immediately prior to the drawing of the Ichnographia and the ultimate publication of Il Campo Marzio. Last night I thought of how Piranesi’s first mode of operation was assimilation of the data--this lead to years of more and more intense osmosis with the material as well--and finally the abundant assimilation and osmosis sparked a whole new metabolic catharsis which manifested itself as Il Campo Marzio.

animated gif @ the Altes Museum
...presentation at Quondam of a new virtual animated mural for the porch of the Altes Museum. Along with the animated mural, there will be historical information regarding the original mural, as well as the contemporary commentary on the mural, e.g., from Vidler to Venturi-Scott Brown. There is still the question of the content for the mural. I'm generally thinking of a collage approach using a variety of images and image types. ...the Bauakademie or German architectural history, or ever Schinkel's architecture, are all potential subjects. ...whether to take a slapdash approach or try creating something along the lines of a marquee which could incorporate a narrative. ...decided that the mural will comprise line data (in various colors) of perspective details of the Altes Museum itself.

new ideas, Quondam
Display the Villa Savoye multicolored and with images (line work) on the walls.
Two Villa Savoyes collaged together - each could be a different color scheme and even a slightly different scale.
Replace the Ionic columns of the Altes Museum with the Parthenon columns (rescaled?). 2120d
Exaggeratingly stretch the Bye House in either direction.
Play with distorting the Dominican Convent.
Distort the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in the z direction.

What does it mean to be a virtual museum of architecture?
...that it might be interesting to create collaged buildings like the Mtherhouse of the Dominican Sisters and the Berlin Science Center.

gallery 1999
metabolic buildings: maison domino collage and savoye/weber collage (and whatever I can do thats easy, although it all should illustrate the metabolic process)… …an excellent opportunity to develop and present an entire theory regarding the metabolic.


Ur-Ottopia House   2303


Maison Millennium 001   2304


Palace of Ottopia   2305


Lauf Haus der Kunst   2306



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