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2008.10.05 16:04
Mixing Design Elements of Different Style Homes-Your Opinion
I try to go into eclectic shock/therapy at least once a week. Recently Villa Plus Ultra and Courthouse Plus Ultra.
And I've been going into eclectic shock/therapy for 25 years now: Mayor's House yellow trace.

what's going on
...doing model work, generate Courthouse Plus Ultra... ...continue doing 'mad combos'.

2011.09.12 11:46
What would happen if you mix two master architects with opposing styles?
Le Corbusier - Kahn: Mosque Q
Le Corbusier - Venturi: Gooding Trice Villa
Schinkel - Trumbauer - Hejduk - Stirling: Cut & Paste Museum
early Le Corbusier - late Le Corbusier: HQ of DATA
Le Corbusier - Hejduk: Villa + 15
Mies van der Rohe - Hejduk: Courthouse Plus Ultra

2012.09.30 16:51
I too have been following...
Kazys, I too have been following the latest 'designs' featured at Archive of Affinities, and I'm somewhat reminded of some of the 'designs' that came out of Quondam between 1999 and 2008. Seeing as you see the designs from Archive of Affinities as 'atemporality at work', I'm curious what you might think of the (not all too dissimilar) designs at Quondam.
Go and check out the following: Ur-Ottopia House, Ludi 002, Good-Bye House, Mikveh PMP, Dominican Fortress, Mosque Q, House of Shadows Bye, Gooding Trice House, Le Composites, Cut & Paste Museum, Headquarters of D.A.T.A., Villa Plus Ultra, Courthouse Plus Ultra.
With a few exceptions, the buildings are 're-combined' at the same scale, and offer an 'other' (fictional?) rendition of architectural history. If nothing else, I'd like to have a better focus of what it is exactly that these building designs might represent--postmodernity or perhaps atemporality.

2013.02.13 14:13
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