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2015.02.08 12:28
AIA announces upcoming national television advertising campaign

The Gehry bus stop ad is great because it would probably result in more business for the Gehry firm.
Just think of all the people out there that would love an architect to help them stick it to the other guy.

2015.03.09 10:33
The Battle of the Ancients and the Moderns (sequel #______ )'s not so obvious because I have no idea whether you mean that Gehry and Hadid are "expressed physicality" and Joy and Kundig are "dressed appearance" or vice versa. Also, without much of a stretch, "expressed physicality" and "dressed appearance" can even be imagined as manifest in the same thing. Like "expressed physicality" could be simultaneous baroque and realist, and "dressed appearance" can be simultaneous baroque and realist.
It would be interesting to see which technologies the architectures of Gehry, Hadid, Joy and Kundig share, and which technologies make their respective architectures distinct.

2015.03.18 15:54
Improvisation and Troublemaking: Frank Gehry in Conversation with Eric Owen Moss at SCI-Arc
Thayer-D, that last part--Try what they did at most schools and all they'll be able to see is the family resemblance and start with the whole Disney critique. to actually understand the innovations, you have to spend time working with the vocabulary, something that's simply not allowed. And if you did finally innovate aesthetically, some might still say it looks like a pig.--doesn't hold any water these days because I doubt any student now who wants to study classical/traditional architecture would waste their time and a lot of money enrolling in a program where classical/traditional architecture wasn't taught.
Regarding aesthetic innovation versus technological innovation, well, that's a subject most apropos to Gehry's work, for his is among that relatively rare set of architecture that manifests both aesthetic innovation and technological innovation, and even rarer in that the aesthetic and the technological are symbiotic. Generally speaking, the early works exhibit an aesthetic informed by the technological, while the middle works exhibit a technological informed by the aesthetic, and the later work exhibit an almost overwhelming facile-ness with both the aesthetic and the technological. Perhaps it is this symbiotic designing of the aesthetic and the technological that lies at the core of Gehry's design "philosophy."

2015.03.22 11:35
Pondering the cultural value of Frank Gehry's Winton Guest House

2015.03.22 18:25
Pondering the cultural value of Frank Gehry's Winton Guest House
I suspect the Morandi connection is more of a mask. The clear precedents for what Gehry did with the Guest House are Kahn's Dominican Motherhouse for the Sisters of St. Catherine de Ricci (1965-68) and Stirling and Wilford's Berlin Science Center (1979). Even my own Cooper & Pratt House (1982) may predate (or was being designed at exactly the same time as) the Winton Guest House (1982-87).

2015.03.22 18:30
Pondering the cultural value of Frank Gehry's Winton Guest House
And I forgot to mention Venturi and Rauch's Brant House, Bermuda (1975).

2015.03.22 20:44
Pondering the cultural value of Frank Gehry's Winton Guest House
Not just in plan. Kahn's, Stirling/Wilford's and Venturi/Rauch's designs are also studied volumes. The verticality of Kahn's design in particular precurses Gehry's. And I certainly don't buy that Gehry was somehow uninterested in or unaware of what other architecture was being designed and built at the time or just prior--let's just be realistic about that.
The Cooper & Pratt House was never built. It was for an in-office competition for a spec house. The 'developer'/judge picked a design that looked just like a farmhouse. Within a half year the designer of the 'farmhouse' was fired, and his design was eventually handed over to me. After a day of looking over the design, I had to ask my boss, Roger Pratt, for 10 minutes of his time so I could show him what I found, which were a myriad of functional and programmatic errors and mis-designs. Roger agreed and said, "Well, just fix it." A couple days later I showed Roger what I had done, which turned out to be a pretty decent redesign, and he took his time looking over the drawings with this odd look on his face, and then he looked directly in my face and asked, "How did you do that?"

2015.03.22 21:35
Pondering the cultural value of Frank Gehry's Winton Guest House
Let's hope so. The whole point of looking at precedents is to learn from and be inspired by them, and subsequently execute a design that adds something more to them.

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