Gehry, Frank

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2015.10.01 21:02
LA's redesigned Petersen Automotive Museum: so bad the public will love it?
Rather than falling within the category of parametricism, the Petersen Automotive Museum is an updated example of building/facade as sign, introducing a new type of index, even.

2015.10.08 15:05
Bjarke Ingels and the challenges of designing Two World Trade Center
Funny how the Farnsworth House accommodated living less than the Glass House accommodated living. The Farnsworth House became a museum(piece) well before the Glass House even.
Museification could be considered a step toward anti-architecturism, but only if the museumpiece lost all usefulness in the process.
So Gehry was making less sense in those days?

2015.10.08 16:57
Bjarke Ingels and the challenges of designing Two World Trade Center
And if the media gave Gehry credit for having a relationship with art and Aalto, what difference would that make? What separate residence did the Glass House require to be built?
What does 'museumy' mean?

2015.11.17 11:00
A verdict on Frank Gehry?
I agree with the sentiment of your last paragraph above. Looking at the title again--Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry--it could well be discerned that Goldberger's "judgment" of Gehry's architecture is that it, the architecture, is indeed art. I would read the biography then along those lines: does Gehry's life and work actually culminate in the building of art? And, if it is indeed true that Gehry's life and work do culminate in the building of art, then the biography would be very interesting to see how such a feat was/is actually accomplished.

2015.12.27 17:37
was Hillary mocking Shubow? the new world order not Greek?
The Stack (or at least the part I've read) is all about the new digital dimension of geopolitics. Clinton's quotation begins the 'A New Architecture?' section of Bratton's "Introduction." He writes, "Looking to contemporary design for new models of geopolitical architecture [like global information systems], both literal structures and figurative systems, may be a good idea (regardless of whether Gehry's singular and floral morphologies are necessarily the best option), but what drives this demand for new armatures and diagrams of global power and sovereignty?"
Rodham-Clinton's use of a private email account for all her emails while Secretary of State instead of using a governmental email account for governmental email is perhaps a more apt corollary (lesson) for Bratton's The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty.

2016.11.15 19:42
Frank Gehry might bail on the U.S. now that Trump's been elected
That's some wild building model there!



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