15 November

1794 Stephen Hallet was discharged from being in charge of the construction of Capitol at Washington D.C.

[architecture opted otherwise]
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first virtual house of the 20th century
1998.11.15 21:33     3120m

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Memorial
Rodin Museum     1929
Calder Exhibit     3146

Re: Is it the end of theory?
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disposable society
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Re: eros et thanatos
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Eisenman was rocked in his socks!
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Rafael Viñoly on a Sunday
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from How Fiction Works
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Frank Gehry might bail on the U.S. now that Trump's been elected
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Daniel García Moreno   Recinto Entrequintas   Oporto

1998.11.15 21:03
[architecture opted otherwise]
extremity architecture (the Pyramids, Stonehenge, anything pre 550 BC)
architecture of fertility [and pregnancy] (the Romans and the Subcontinentals more or less lead the world here)
assimilating architecture (from absorption to purge)
metabolic architecture (which centers on anabolism and catabolism, the creative and destructive operations of metabolism)
osmotic architecture (exchange and equilibrium - outside/inside)
electro-magnetic architecture (i.e., architecture of light)
and ultimately, architecture of all high frequencies (and even I don't know what that is exactly, but it's out there mostly in the far, far future)

Alexander Calder, Snow Plow, 1963 (Philadelphia: Rodin Museum Courtyard installation).

2003.11.15 13:50
Re: Is it the end of theory?
The 'theory' that I utilize most now-a-days in terms of guiding/informing my design actions centers on the notion that the virtual realm is an 'other' place to work within as an architect and/or artist. The virtual realm (whose infrastructure is now largely the Internet and the general wired-ness of our planet) is a place additional/optional to the real realm. Although many current theories (and realities) see the real and the virtual merging in our daily lives, I more enjoy investigating the virtual realm in its more extreme position (which exists regardless of whether or not there is concurrent merging of the real and virtual going on).

07111501 Wallraf-Richartz Museum perspectives (before trees etc.)   2227i05

08111501 Antichità Rome, schematic base plan   2390i11
08111502 Antichità Roman forum base plan raw   2390i12

2010.11.15 10:12
Technological consumption is a crafted reality.

2010.11.15 12:26
Some of Piranesi's virtuality becoming real. (It seems this has been discussed somewhere here before.)
Here the newly real is not only extremely truthful to its artificiality, but extremely truthful to its over 200 year old virtual precedent as well.

11111501 ICM world's tallest plans elevations   2081i02

12111501 IQ Philadelphia grid with Tiber   2392i93

14111501   Daniel García Moreno   Recinto Entrequintas   Oporto

18111501 GAUA02 plans in place   2429i309
18111502 St Peter's Basilica plans section nts   2071i02
18111503 Sant'Andrea al Quirinale plan elevation sections   2094i01
18111504 St. Genevieve/Panthéon plan elevation section   2108i01
18111505 IQ15 hyperarchitecturism plans base model work   2468i07

20111501   iqq14 plan work   2468i110




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