1 October

1351 William de Hoton succeeded Thomas de Patenham as master mason of the cathedral of Durham, England

1507 birth of Giacomo Barozzio (called Vignola)

1737 birth of Jacques Gondouin

1994 death of Richard Krautheimer

Antoninus Elagabalus
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Resisting Formalism
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Information Architects Talking About Architects and Architecture
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Did deconstruction turn into blobitecture some time in the 90's?
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History/Theory Books on Tokyo
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LA's redesigned Petersen Automotive Museum: so bad the public will love it?
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Peter Zellner to launch the Free School of Architecture, a tuition-free, experimental architecture school
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AZPML   Lahdelma & Mahlamäki   Travel and Service Centre   Tampere

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Modern art always "projects itself into a twilight zone where no values are fixed, he [Leo Steinberg] said. "It is always born in anxiety." Not only that, he said, it is the function of really valuable new Modern art to "transmit this anxiety to the spectator," so that when he looks at it, he is thrown into "a genuine existential predicament." This is basically Greenberg's line, of course--"all profoundly original art looks ugly at first"--but Steinberg made the feeling seem deeper (and a bit more refined). The clincher was Steinberg's own confession of how he had first disliked [Jasper] Johns's work. He had resisted it. He had fought to cling to his old values--and then realized he was wrong. This filtered down as a kind of Trubulence Theorem. If a work of art or a new style disturbed you, it was probably good work. If you hated it--it was probably great.
--Tom Wolfe, The Painted Word

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Resisting Formalism
And there is Stirling's Olivetti reenactment:

Stirling, Wilford, Olivetti Headquarters Milton Keynes, 1971.

more Le Corbusier:

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Did deconstruction turn into blobitecture some time in the 90's?

"freedom from both recognized typology and recognized construction industry standards / techniques."
"...heed Tafuri's warning that "once the 'form is made free', the geometric universe becomes an uncontrollable 'adventure." (see Tafuri's "European Graffiti." Five x Five = Twenty-five, 1976)

13100101 Pantheon Altes Museum Kimbell Art Museum plans   206fi13
13100102 Pantheon Altes Museum Villa Savoye Danteum Palais des Congrès Wallraf-Richartz Museum plans   206fi14

2013.10.01 21:58
History/Theory Books on Tokyo
Robin Boyd, Kenzo Tange (New York, George Braziller, 1962). From the Masters of Contemporary Architecture series.
Although focused on Tange, there is a concomitant focus on architecture/design in post-WWII Japan and Tokyo.

14100101   AZPML   Lahdelma & Mahlamäki   Travel and Service Centre   Tampere

15100101   NNTC01 grid block infill   2413i38

21100101   Kedleston Hall plan image   248ai08
21100102   Altes Museum plan elevations working data   2120i56




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