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1829 death of Francis Johnston
1855 death of George Papworth

Augustus - India connection
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most modern?
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Re: Lollipops and Honeypots
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Re: www.cremaster.net
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Re: koolhaas on charlie
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13 March
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OMA   4th Mainland Bridge   Lagos

Lacaton & Vassal   New Architecture School   Aarhus

3. replace level 3 of Palais des Congrès with Hejduk's House 10.
7. Rising Sun Avenue & Tabor Road as Lenni Lenape solstice celebration spot.

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2002.03.14 12:29
Re: Lollipops and Honeypots
...regarding Poetry Squared. I looked through the printouts last night and here are some preliminary observations:
The first poem begins C 12:15 7/28/84 (i.e., circa 12:15 7/28/84). I did not begin to write the exact time of starting each poem until the 8th poem (at 16:49 9/6/84). I had to rely on memory to give the first seven poems their approximate time of beginning and ending.
The seventh poem ends: "Speaking thereof (in terms of length) it is exactly 1,650,763.73 vacuum wave lengths of the orange-red light emitted by krypton-86 and that means that the french revolution stopped dead in its centrifugal path. No more need to send the words and minds in search of the ideal meaning of parallax: the apparent change in the position of an object resulting from the change in the direction or position from which it is viewed. Over that ways." I mention this because architect Steven Holl published a book on (his) architecture a couple of years ago entitled Parallax.
One poem was written 9/11/1984. The first sentence is: "So that's the way things are going to happen sometimes." The last sentence is: "Not everything is the way it appears in darkness." Toward the end is also the Latin phrase "Cerec a calce revocari". I'm not sure if this means anything correctly, but written in ballpoint pen on the bottom of the page is ad carcere a calce revocari - to be recalled from the finish line to the starting gate - to have to start all over again. This reminds me that I always had a pocket English dictionary and a pocket Latin-English dictionary handy whenever I wrote a square poem--I would like occasionally just arbitrarily open to a page in either book and see if there was any instant inspiration there—kind of like making a quick pit-stop in a race.
So far the fastest poem I've found is the 43rd (12:33 11/7/84 to 12:51 11/7/84) -- 18 minutes. There are also several later poems that were done in 19 minutes. I'm pretty sure that is as fast as these poems got.
The last poem, the 80th, was started 17:54 4/24/85. The last lines are: "So there, somewhere, the real things exist before the tangible. Go for it. 1" Ending 18:25 4/24/85. A scanned image of the entire poem is at www.museumpeace.com/sqpoem80.gif . I don't know that this poem means anything, but it is indicative perhaps of what it is like after having done 79 such poems throughout the 8 or so months prior. I guess that is an OK way to end an experiment.

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2004.03.14 10:58
Re: koolhaas on charlie
Museums and libraries, architectures as deliveries of content.

2004.03.14 15:30
Re: koolhaas on charlie
I wish a lot more old books were being scanned electronically/digitally and preserved that way.
Also, books like Harvard School of Design Guide to Shopping and Koolhaas' latest Content would have been just as effective, if not more so, had they been published electronically. It is for this reason that I feel Koolhaas' own admission that Content is disposable is nothing less than an indictment of bad design from the very start. The irony is, too, that most books today are already composed electronically, thus then printing the material is more or less a step backwards.

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2013.03.14 11:58
13 March
Coincidently read this in The Autopoiesis of Architecture early this morning:
"...and Rem Koolhaas's Delirious New York celebrating Manhattan's 'culture of congestion' and its 'critical paranoid method' of radical programmatic and stylistic juxtaposition. The phenomena that Koolhaas found in New York--congestion and random juxtaposition--were violating the prevailing Modernist principles." (p. 130)
It seems that "congestion and random juxtaposition--were violating the prevailing Modernist principles" could be said for Libeskind's collage as well.
Maybe later today I'll take the La Villette plan and cut-and-paste it like a Libeskind collage.
While thinking of all this, I was reminded of something I wrote 2004.05.18 (for sure subliminally influenced by Koolhaas): "I like the list; like chapters, like lessons, like evolutionary stages, like different floors of a building I'd love to design, like a row of restaurants while you're perpetually hungry."
And finally, like the La Villette plan is the section of the New York Athletic Club flipped down, that tower for Dubai is an older Arab settlement flipped up.

Would the Libeskind collage make for an interesting building section?

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14031403 Trenton Jewish Community Center site plan, Bathhouse Day Care gymnasium scan plan
14031404 Trenton Jewish Community Center site plan Bathhouse Day Care
14031405 Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Care plan in context   217g
14031406 Trenton Jewish Community Center Day Care Pantheon Paradigm context plans   217g

16031401 Ludi 002 plan site plan 4400x2200 Ottopia IQ55/56   2329i08
16031402 Lustgarten plan site plan 2200x1100 Ottopia IQ55   2334i05

16031401   OMA   4th Mainland Bridge   Lagos

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17031401   Lacaton & Vassal   New Architecture School   Aarhus

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