2 January

1424 Lorenzo de' Ghiberti received the commission for the Florentine baptistery doors

1519 Jean Soulas contracts for the execution of certain figures of the screen which surrounds the choir of the cathedral of Chartres

1614 Inigo Jones acquires a copy of Palladio's Architcttura

1777 birth of Christian Daniel Rauch
1782 death of Jacques Ange Gabriel

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metaboloc imagination
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The Metabolic Aesthetic
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Re: some interesting bits and pieces
2002.01.02 14:58

[back from Rome]
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Re: Piranesi
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Re: preponderous "metiches".
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Going to California
2006.01.02 14:11

philip johnson was a whore. rem koolhaas is a porn star.
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what motivates you youngin's
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1 January
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7-Eleven becomes first retailer to employ drone delivery
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1 January
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Concept that made your heart sing
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OMA   Kota Tua

2002.01.02 14:58
Re: some interesting bits and pieces

Saul observation seems right. The AllesWirdGut designs do indeed appear to reenact the earlier designs for outer space environments, which leads me to wonder if the new designs are literally misplaced.

2002.01.02 16:56
[back from Rome]
Thanks for the pics so far.
Funny what shape such a modern icon is in.
I see what you mean about the edges of the facade. Very interesting, especially since it seems to be such an "unknown" aspect of the building, yet such a "radical" (for lack of another word right now) aspect of the building.
I'm trying to think of what Venturi et al building the detail reminds me of. There is the New Haven Firehouse (which might be the real connection), but isn't there some more recent building/design?
Looking forward to more pics.

2004.01.02 11:05
Re: preponderous "metiches".
The Forbidden City was first built in the early 1400s and inaugurated early 1421. This was the beginning of Beijing as the Chinese capital. The same emperor also put forth many other 'building' programs like rebuilding and expanding the Great Canal and rebuilding the Imperial fleet. Many forests, including vast teak forests, throughout southeast Asia were denuded in the process.
Just a few months after the inauguration of the Forbidden City, lightening stuck one of its Temples and a great fire ensued--"The God's must be unhappy." This event and its consequences are what began China's isolationist policy soon thereafter.

2006.01.02 14:11
Going to California
Spiral Jetty/bing.com

11010201 Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen perspectives on curved wall   3392qi01   b
11010202 Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen perspectives   2226i13

2014.01.02 18:19
It's strange to realize that 1990 is now almost a quarter century ago, and how much the world has changed since then. It seems like one could say that the whole People's Republic of China has gentrified in that time. As have many other parts of the world. Are we living in an era of global gentrification?
Beginning to wonder what virtually bolstering architecture and urbanism biennale-ly might mean or what biennale-ly bolstering architecture and urbanism virtually might mean.

15010201 Dresdner bank plan compared with other Stirling curved glass plans   223ci13

17010201   OMA   Kota Tua

18010201   IQ23 Philadelphia streets building footprints Francisville Housing Girard Collage Dominican Fortress NPAprakson District   2093i73
18010202   IQ23 Philadelphia streets building footprints Parkway Interpolation Francisville Housing Working Title Museum 002 003 Girard Collage Dominican Fortress 30th Street Station Railyard NPAprakson District   2093i74

21010201   Park/Palace of Versailles Ichnographia Campus Martius plans   2092i46   b

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