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William S. Huff

"Symmetry: Man's Conceptualization of the Universe"

TPH - new book format
Inspiration will explain how it was the duality of the painting that spurred the most interest and was the essential riddle of the painting that I wanted to solve. I will show how duality as a design element always intrigued me by mentioning the Double Theater, the duality poem from Geometry: it's..., Venturi's take on duality (probably earliest source for me) and finally DS's thesis project. Finishing with my own thinking that the notion of duality (like Huff's Symmetry) came from something in nature, specifically the human body. This means that the Huff articles that I was and still am in the possession of are also to be included in Inspiration.

2000.02.02 20:52
apples and oranges (as usual)
Three of the most inspirational texts I've ever read were in Oppositions. They are by William S. Huff, and they are his essays on symmetry. I believe Huff was a student of Louis Kahn. [Huff actually worked for/with Kahn, particularly on Tribune Review Press Building and the First Unitarian Church.]

06. gourmet aesthetic -- Huff; deconstruct "Geometry"
14. A completion of Hurva; holding up the roof.
15. Do I now make other Kahn completions?

2002.09.16 14:07
Re: symmetry
in Oppositions 3: Symmetry: Man's Aesthetic Response - Man's Contemplation on Himself
in Opposition 6: Symmetry: Man's Conceptualization of the Universe
in Opposition 10: Symmetry: Man's Observation of the Natural Environment
All three illustrated essays are by William Huff.

2014.03.18 13:52
Scanned the interview...
Scanned the interview quickly yesterday, and came back today for a careful read (but haven't) clicked on any links yet). Parts made me laugh, and I enjoyed the atmosphere overall. The images of the Farnsworth House and the Glass House struck me, and somehow made me think of that issue of Oppositions where Eisenman and Stern talk about Johnson and the Glass House--it turns out to be Oppositions 10 (Fall 1977). What a great issue--it's kind of like the above "interview" enlarged to 111 pages and raised to the third or fourth dimension. There's even a facsimile of William S. Huff's Symmetry 5. (On several occasions I've mentioned an indebtedness to all of Huff's 'Symmetry' essays reproduced in Oppositions).
...although it may not be easy to do, try anyway to get your hands on a copy of Oppositions 10 because I know it will be rewarding.
Believe it of not, this is the first image in Oppositions 10:

“I see the birds, cannot hear the chirps.”

2014.03.18 14:07
Scanned the interview...
And here's what the first two pages of Huff's Symmetry 5 look like:

Huff worked for Kahn in in the early 1960s, working on two substantial early works that were actually built. It wouldn't surprise me if he was well familiar with Fuller, and also, for sure, very familiar with the 'geometric' work conducted by Tyng and Kahn.



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