The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized


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Christian Norberg-Schulz

"Kahn, Heidegger and the Language of Architecture"

"Elegance", Aesthetics and Formalism
You might be interested to read:
Christian Norberg-Schulz, "Kahn, Heidegger and the Language of Architecture" in Oppositions 18 (MIT Press, 1980).
Robert Venturi, "Context in Architectural Composition", in Iconography and Electronics Upon a Generic Architecture (MIT Press, 1996). "Context in Architectural Composition" is a reprint of Venturi's M.F.A. thesis project from Princeton 1950. An exerpt from the 1996 introduction to the thesis:
"I include this work because its subject, context in architecture, represents almost a cliche in our field and because the origin of this idea has become almost forgotten: a Philadelphia architect, for instance, recently confidently referred to context as an architectural element that evolved in the seventies. But I vividly remember my Eureka-like response in 1949 when I came across the idea of perceptual context in Gastalt psychology as I perused a journal of pshychology in the library in Eno Hall at Princeton and recognized its relevance for architecture..."
Robert Venturi



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