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Steven Izenour

"Learning from the Wildwoods"

2001.08.27 13:20
Steven Izenour and Wildwood
Steven Izenour is the reason I went to Wildwood, New Jersey 18 September 2000. I hadn't been to Wildwood in over 20 years, back when my family and friends vacationed there, and Izenour's 1997-98 study with University of Pennsylvania and Yale University architecture students of the beach resort's "Doo-Wop" architecture prompted me to digitally record Wildwood's architecture for Quondam's collection. As a tribute to Steven Izenour, Quondam's images of Wildwood are now displayed within EPICENTRAL.

2001.09.16 21:35
Re: "incredible" military relic
I just spent the better part of today (Sunday) down at the South Jersey shore. R and I met down in Wildwood, and we biked around for almost four hours. We each took lots of pictures of the architecture that Steven Izenour wanted everyone to learn to love. R left earlier than me to get back to NYC, and I went down to Cape May Point to take better pictures of the bunker. Today was an absolutely perfect day "at the beach."
The trip was a much needed escape for both of us from all the horror of last week, and yes life seemed pretty normal all around down at the shore.

2002.04.03 11:31
Re: [art] being/appositional [to architecture]
Probably my favorite "Venturi appliqué" is the (now derelict) Best Showroom.
Steve Izenour once said, "I happen to think the only way you preserve a place like this [i.e., Wildwood, New Jersey], or like Las Vegas, is through photographs."



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