The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized


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Costa Iberica

1. Costa Iberica is a reenactment of Learning from Las Vegas. CI goes so far as to suggest a design that reenacts LV itself, plus a design that reenacts Villa Radiuse. I could use many digital shots of Atlantic City and Wildwood (and other Jersey shore towns?) to illustrate my ideas.
2. It's funny how the Yale architecture studio from which LfLV is derived was actually in Las Vegas in 1968--the year that is so popular now in architectural theory.
3. There is an interesting illustration of how Le Corbusier's La Tourette was "reenacted" by subsequent architectural designs by architects obviously inspired by the Le Corbusier building. This makes me feel like there is perhaps a little more on "reenactment" within the theories of Venturi and Scott Brown. Don't forget the line about "copying with wit" (or something like that).

more reenactionary
1. "a museum of [someone's] shopping"--this is now the title I will do focusing on the Ryerss Museum. Essentially, I will reenact the museum in my own way (or should I say in a Piranesian way). Moreover, the sense of reenactment will be both clear and ambiguous because "Venturi Shops" weirdly reenacts the Ryerss Museum. I will be also reenacting "Venturi Shops", and I may even be reenacting Koolhaas et al.
2. "The Las Vegas Classroom" - This is now the title of the LV reenactment story which includes: the oasis / Villa d'Este reenactment; Atlantic City; Costa Iberica reenacting LfLV; and ultimately LV reenacting Disneyland and theme parks in general. Perhaps I have to again get the Huxtable and Sorkin books form the library.



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