The Philadelphia School, deterritorialized


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Seattle Central Library

7. Make note of the similarity between Kahn's Philadelphia Municipal Building and Koolhaas's Seattle Library.

2004.02.20 12:38
Re: kahn's yale gallery I
In The Art Museums of Louis I. Kahn (1989), the chapter on the Yale University Art Gallery makes note of the working relationship between Kahn and Tyng relative to the building's design. Tyng's influence vis-à-vis Kahn's earlier designs which involved interlocking geometries as "structure" (especially fractal-ing triangu-larization) is exactly were Kahn and Tyng manifest a co-joining of architectural bodies and minds.
The new Koolhaas/OMA Library at Seattle is very much a reenacting tribute to the coupled Kahn and Tyng.

2004.05.15 15:27
Koolhaas Library NY Times
Compare the new Seattle Library with Kahn and Tyng's design for a Municipal Building, Philadelphia, 1952-57 (as seen on pp. 30-31 of Louis I. Kahn: Complete Works 1935-1974).
Also look at the color sketch on page 27 which is evocative of other the other recent Koolhaas architecture of irregular shape.
Is a book entitled Learning from Early Kahn Philadelphia virtually in the works?



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