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Learning from Girard Avenue

Learning from Girard Avenue
...[a] reenactment of Learning from Las Vegas.
1. Philadelphia daze--Venturi and Scott Brown leading the way. The whole story of that facade visit...
12. comparing the whole length of Girard Avenue with the Strip of Las Vegas.
13. all the general guidelines for reenactment are in LfLV

2002.02.10 21:28
Learning From Girard Avenue
Steven Izenour died of a heart attack late at night on 21 August 2001.
I was at Ground Zero, site of the quondam World Trade Center towers, around noon 29 September 2001, and that evening I attended the In Your Face symposium at the City University of New York, which featured Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown, and Rem Koolhaas. The events of 11 September also changed In Your Face.
Since I was with the same people at both In Your Face and the Venturi and Scott Brown tribute at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on 14 July 2001, I started to view these two events as potentially the new calendrical extremes of EPICENTRAL's time-frame. When I calculated that the midpoint between 14 July 2001 and 29 September 2001 was 21 August 2001, the day Steven Izenour died, it was then only too apparent that the work of Venturi, Scott Brown and Izenour was indeed somehow an integral part of EPICENTRAL.
The EPICENTRAL chapter dealing with the work of Venturi, Scott Brown and Izenour was to be entitled "Via Philadelphians," as in "Learning from Las Vegas via Philadelphians." "Via Philadelphians" was going to closely consider the many built works in the Philadelphia area by Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates', as well as the Doo-Wop architecture of Wildwood, New Jersey, which Izenour was, since 1996, bringing to the attention of the world architecture scene. There was also going to be an analysis of present day Atlantic City, New Jersey as a true reenactment of Las Vegas itself. All these plans changed, however, when I began to focus on the Girard Avenue house that is presently much admired by Robert Venturi.
Thus is how the idea of "Learning from Girard Avenue" came to be.

2002.02.11 15:57
"Learning from Girard Avenue" reenacts
"Learning from Girard Avenue" reenacts the first (i.e., large) edition of Learning from Las Vegas. Part III of LfLV presents the work of Venturi and Rauch Architects from 1965 to 1971. Within this presentation are "8 Houses of Ill-Repute." I can't wait to start reenacting that part of LfLV with (at least) "88 [mostly newly designed] Houses of Ill-Repute."



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