26 February

1481 death of Antonio di Marco Gambello

1677 Jules Hardouin-Mansart's name appears for the first time in the accounts of the palace of Versailles

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Re: crytome hacked
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26 February St. Prophyry, Bishop of Gaza (AD 420)
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"God's Bricklayer"
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Re: guthrie decon
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Cubist ICM 003
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Amsterdam's "ugly" architecture from the 70s proves resilient against gentrification
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BIG   489-539 King West Towers

01022601 ICM scan plan   231ai08
01022602 Whitemarsh Library scan plan   231ai09

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Re: guthrie decon

This architecture immediately reminded me of the ancient Roman Tomb of Eurysaces (circa 30 BC).

I see reenactionary architecturism here in a funny kind of way. Given Le Corbusier's admiration of grain silo architectures, can the Tomb of Eurysaces be seen as an unlikely precursor of the whole "box raised on pilotis" paradigm? The holes in the tomb 'box' also remind me of Koolhaas' House in Bordeaux, which is indeed a reenactionary riff off the 'box raised on pilotis' paradigm.

11022601 Porta Pia elevation   2079
11022602 Porta Pia at MAV Arch of Constantine Santa Maria Novella   2069i01
11022603 Arch of Constantine Santa Maria Novella Porta Pia with MAV plan   2069i02

15022601 John Wanamaker Store PSFS Building @ GAUA models   2137i03   b   c

16022601   BIG   489-539 King West Towers

18022601 Villa Rotonda Villa Savoye plans elevations   2080i51

19022601   Great Pyramid Stonehenge Temple of Horus Pantheon Circus of Maxentius Tomb of Romulus Arch of Constantine Lingaraja Temple Beauvais Cathedral Center City Philadelphia plans elevations   2060i25
19022602   Great Pyramid Beauvais Cathedral Eiffel Tower Seagram Building City Tower Capital Park West CCTV elevations   2060i26   b
19022603   Pyramid of Gizah Versailles Palace/Park plans model   2060i27

20022602   Monticello plan (elevation section working data)   2111i02

Cubist ICM 003 detail




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