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The Calcography of the Piranesis, or Treatise of the Arts of Architecture, Painting and Sculpture developed by the view of the main ancient monuments and modern, will offer, in its Collection, the knowledge of these Monuments in all their parts. The plans, dimensions, form, ornaments, effects, perspective, the whole, everything will be brought together.

We feel exempted from saying of what importance will be for the Arts a Work of this nature and of this extent, when it appears accompanied by dissertations and explanations supported by quotations drawn from the best classic authors, and written with particular care. The Architect, the Sculptor, Painter, Draftsman, Manufacturer, etc., everyone will find sure models there. They will be able to obtain them with all the more ease, that the Work is designed and will be executed in such a way as to be delivered in separate parts, according to the type of profession of an Artist.

The book consists of two parts:

The first, already published in twenty-three volumes, has been increased by two volumes since the Piranesis moved their Establishment from Rome to Paris. It contains 1500 plates, the enumeration of which follows below, and sells for 1,940 francs.

The second part will contain all the articles detailed in the attached Index. The reading of this Index will suffice to give the idea of ??the immensity and the importance of the work required to make the second part. The only article from Pompeďa will include, at the very least, 160 plates. It would be difficult to establish the fixed price of each delivery, by means of the inevitable difference in the execution of the boards that will have to respond, both for the work only for the size, to the nature of the parts of monuments that they will represent. It will appear six issues a year, two in two months, at counting from the next 1 fructidor. The work being organized in such a way as to make it possible to indicate what the successive deliveries will include, we will warn, as deliveries are made, of the price that will cost the one that will follow. The delivery set for 1 Fructidor will consist of 12 boards; the price will be 6 cliaqiie francs. We will then publish the text of the first part, which will be delivered by articles corresponding to the boards which will have appeared, and the price of which will be fixed at that time.

The subscription is open at the Piranesis, in their Establishment at the Palace of the Tribunate; the entrance is on the outside plaza, near the gate. This is there that the Piranesis exposed to the eyes of connoisseurs, the first Engravings executed by Francesco Piranesi, according to which the Government has judged to have to provide the first means necessary for the making of the second part of the Calcography. By examining these engravings, connoisseurs and amateurs will be able to convince themselves that they are composed and executed in such a way as to give the true idea of ??the grandiosity which characterized the ancient monuments. The Author has endeavored, above all, to give his chisel the strong and pronounced expressions which would seem to belong to the art of carving painting, rather than that of engraving; by this means, the great effects of perspective and the points of view are preserved with as much truth that they could be by the brush. The engravings will be on large-eagle paper; the text in dovecote paper: all suitable for forming volumes following the first part of the Calcography.

This great enterprise seeks the support of friends of the arts, that of the heads of empires and governments: aided by the encouragement they can give it, such an important work will soon acquire all the activity of which it is susceptible.




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