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First Ships of the Komains. Demonstration and description of the said vessels with two, three, four and five rows of oars, etc. Their form, their apparatus, their armament and indication of manoeuvres.

A volume of 50 plates
A volume of explanations.

Renaissance of the Arts in Italy and France, from Louis XIV to the present day, proven by the most distinguished masterpieces of the Arts in painting, architecture and sculpture.

Painters, Sculptors, Architects of the Florentine, Roman, Lombard, Bolognese, Venetian and French schools.

We will give the masterpieces that excite admiration in Rome, and mainly in the Vatican, in the Palazzo Farnese, in the Farnesina, in Florence, Bologna, in Venice, Parma, Caprarola, Naples, Paris, etc.

Twelve volumes, containing 600 plates
Two volumes of explanation.




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