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General plan of the territory of Tivoli; it will demonstrate the course of the Aniene, various aqueducts, still unpublished. The true ancient road which crossed the villa of Patron; we will also recognize the magnificent massifs (Sustruzzioni) which ensured the solidity of the mount, and flanked the public road.

Three volumes containing 200 plates
A volume of explanations, etc.

Villa Adriani

General plan of the breath of this villa of an extent of several miles.
Another plan of the interior level of his buildings.
Plans, sections and details of all the other buildings remarkable for the elegance, the variety, the very oddity of invention in architecture.
The Emperor Hadrian had these monuments executed on the model of what he had noticed most beautiful in Egypt, in Greece; he gave them the Greek names of Prytanée, Pécile, Canopi, etc.
It is in this same villa that he brings together the magnificent monuments in sculpture, architecture, in precious marble, the fruit of his conquests and his trips. Also the Villa Adrienne will always be an abundant source of ancient monuments of a generally recognized richness and usefulness.

Modern monument from the time of the Farnese.

Demonstration of the famous Villa Estense in Tivoli, formed by Cardinal d'Este.
It was there, according to some authors, that Arios composed his poem by Orlando Furioso.

Four volumes containing 300 plates
A volume of explanations, etc.

Antiquities of Lazio, from Tivoli to Otricoli.

These Antiquities, still unpublished, will be demonstrated with plans, sections, large divisions, etc.
A volume containing 30 plates
A volume of dissertations.

Antiquities of Otricoli.

General plan of Otricoli, ancient city, newly discovered under the pontificate of Pius VI. Demonstrations of the main buildings, Theatres, Amphitheatres, public baths. Mosaics, College of Nobles, Barracks, Basilicas, etc.
A volume of 50 plates
A volume of explanations.

Antiquities of Cornette, Civita-Vecchia,
and other Cities on the Mediterranean Sea and the Adriatic.

Plans, sections, divisions and details of quantities of Tombs and Undergrounds. Demonstration of Etruscan Architecture and Paintings approaching the Egyptian style.
Plans, sections and details of the famous port of Trajan, today underground, and which was located at the mouth of the Tiber. Alternate Port of Trajan and Claudius in Ostia. Pope Pius VII started at Ostia and followed up excavations, with the help of which the old public road has already been discovered, imported remains of architecture, busts, statues, medals, etc.
Port of Neptune, or Antium. Various Temples existed in Antium; it is there that the famous statue of Apollo Belvedere was found, today at the Napoleon Museum, and the Borghese Gladiator.
Port d’Ancone, qui offre encore l’Arc célèbre de Trajan.

Deux volumes contenant 100 planches
Un volume d’explications, etc.




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