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Plans, sections and details of the forums
Boario, or Ox market,
of Caesar,
of Augustus,
of Anthony,
of Nerva,
of Trajan,
of Domitian.

We know well enough what magnificence, what luxury the Emperors displayed in the formation of these forums, and in the construction of the edifices of which they were embellished; the wealth, the multiplicity of ornaments, the equestrian statues, the bas-reliefs, the columns, everything was carried to the highest degree of perfection, and they no less attested the immensity of the means of all kinds put into use, than the taste and the superior talent of the artists, of which they were the work.
The size of the stones, their pose, the immensity of their proportion, will particularly deserve the attention of the observer.

Onoraj, Trionfali and Giani.

PLANS, sections and details of the arch raised in honor
of Dolabella and Silanus,
Same with Drusus.
Triumphal Arch of Marcus Aurelius, now destroyed,
Same as Trajan, in the forum of that name,
Same with Titus,
Same as Septimius Severus,
Same with Constantine,
Same with Gallien.

Arch erected in honor of Septlme Severus, in the Boario forum.
Arch of Janus. Four streets led to this four-sided arch.
Arc de Claude, now a major gate. Two streets ended at this arch.
These monuments will make known the noble manner employed as well in the order of the architecture, as in the rich ornaments in statues, inscriptions, columns, bas-reliefs, etc.

Three volumes containing 300 plates
A volume of explanation.


PLANS, sections and details of the Baths
of Livia, on the Palatine Hill.
Baths of Agrippa,
of Titus, also called Trajan,
by Antoninus Caracalla,
of Diocletian,
of Constantine,
de Decius, also called de Varias.

We know that these immense, spacious and magnificent buildings, in addition to the convenience they contained, also contained a theater and an infinity of rooms intended for walking and physical exercise. They were decorated with infinite luxury, in columns, statues, bas-reliefs, the most precious, drawn from Africa.
Architects, painters, and sculptors all possessed talent and taste; it can also be said, with reason, that the Thermes or ancient baths brought together the assembly of all the productions of the art of the ancients.
No modern building has yet offered anything so perfect in terms of composition, interior distribution, symmetry, nothing richer, so seductive in ornamental decorations.
A detailed knowledge of these magnificent monuments should be particularly advantageous wherever the use of the baths is most generally adopted.

Three volumes containing 300 plates
A volume of dissertations and explanations.

Aqueducts, Fountains and Sewers.

General plan drawn up according to the vestiges presently existing, and according to the new discoveries, and with the aid of the transmissions left by Frontino. This plan will show the immense extent that these aqueducts covered. According to the aforementioned author, these aqueducts brought to the main cities or capitals, waters coming from fourteen different sources.
Plans, details and sections of the Egérle fountain, of that known as Meta Sudante, of the Giulia water tower, Vergine and others.
Plan, section and detail of the sewer, an Etruscan work from the time of the Tarquins, its fall into the Tiber, the interior conduits intended to receive the waters from other sewers in the city. Unique monument of the most remarkable for the connection, the size of the stones, the magnificence and the solidity.

A volume of 80 plates
A volume of dissertations and explanations.




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