hyper architecturism


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been reading, etc.
The Temple in Man... ...Leon Battista Alberti's Hyperptpmachia Poliphili...

The Architecture of Being [FOG]
Architecture projects:
a. Go Go Home museum - distorted but planer shapes collaged and the planes have mesh perspectives applied; then extrude-rotate any portions of the elevation mesh, thus creating further (novel?) architectural deformities.
b. World Trade Center NY tower addition.
c. low income infill housing - Francisville site.
d. Independence Mall.
e. graffiti walls for Philadelphia parks or Philadelphia Graffiti Museum (better idea).
f. Stenton or Ryress addition, or some other obscure historic structure, or an installation at Memorial Hall.
g. Altes Museum Hyper Mural.
h. pedimental sculpture designs for the PMA.
i. an Art School for Girard College.
j. Corporate offices for Ebony magazine (ebony chairs @ Girard College)
k. Buddha tooth temple - a new design.
l. parent's house in Southwest Africa. m. house for a couple encrytomology experts - very rich.
n. suburban sprawl master plan (?)
o. Casino Collagio, Las Vegas.
p. Wavelength Casino and Hotel, Atlantic City.
q. house in West Cape May.
r. Manly Beach house.
s. Beverly Hill's mansion (?) - faux-faux?
t. Temple University Architecture school. Germantowm Avenue University of Architecture

www.quondam.com frontispiece


a [virtual] place in architectural history

Ichnographia Quondam   1 : the large plan of quondam (a [virtual] place in architectural history)   2 : the urban scale plan initially comprised of a superimposition of Giovanni Battista Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius and the plan of early 21st century Center City Philadelphia   3 : the place of architectural and urban design experimentation that makes extensive use of the collection of Quondam

The Ichnographia Campus Martius and the Plan of Center City Philadelphia are the two urban databases within Quondam's collection, and both cities come to represent the birthplace of their respective empire and nation. Upon discovering that Hadrian's Tomb in Rome and Logan Circle in Philadelphia have almost exactly the same circumference, it was thus that the two plans were registered at this nexus. Then each plan was oriented with true north pointing up.

Much like all cities, neither the plan of the Campo Marzio nor the plan of Philadelphia are complete here in their present state, therefore, it is precisely the want of fulfillment that will direct the Ichnographia Quondam's ongoing realization. And through this realization arises a [virtual] place in architectural history.

the right direction (finally)
...a great title: Towards a New Product Placement, and this can very easily and literally be a catalogue of any art or anything else to sell. Yet, it can also be about predicting the nature of 21st century site analysis (or actually the lack thereof). In any case, commercialization is the key theme and motif (and pathos?). Alter captured TV commercials, billboards, bus ads, magazine ads. As much as it will be about commercialization, it is about digital manipulation. Is there something new to say about hypersurface? Is the subtitle “the future architecture of advertising”? or “the future advertising of architecture?”
I just thought/realized that every page of the book can be an advertisement, eg “this is an advertisement” as parody of the Venturi “this is a monument” (my Stanza AIA Bookstore ad idea). Tattoos as paid advertising, logo endorsement, wearing designer labels as a paying job (instead of doing essentially free advertising).




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