The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

26 August 1778   Wednesday
. . . . . .

Artifacts of the Bianconi vs Piranesi 'Circus of Caracalla' affair   1772-1789

Pierre-Adrien PÔris   circa 1804

47 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1805
Le AntichitÓ della Magna Grecia   Parte II

General plan containing the temple of Isis, two theatres, the soldiers' quarters, a large portico, a palaestra.
Drawn by G.B. Piranesi
Engraved by F. Piranesi Year 13 (1805)

26 August 1812   Wednesday

We lodged tolerably at Michenson's[?] tavern the Red Lion and rose early. The stage arrived at 1/2 past 6. We had an indifferent breakfast, started at 1/4 before 8. Watered the horses at Doylestown, changed them at [blank]. Again watered at sundry places and reached Benson's at Durham Valley at 3, where after waiting a long time we had a dinner eatable by persons very hungry, but nothing desirable. Left it 1/2 past 4 and watering 3 or 4 times, (the last at the widow Morgan's of Dr. Abel M, a younger son of an old acquaintance, James Morgan of Perkioming Creek. I found her in health with a reputable family about her keeping tavern at the summit of the Lehigh mountain where the road turns to descend to the bridge. She was glad to see me, gave me an account of the state of the family). We reached Easton about 7. Found there General[?] Craig, J Lardner and some others who knew me.

26 August 1977

Views out our pensione window.

26 August 1998

Steps of the Second Bank of the United States

26 August 2004
I was born in North Philadelphia in 1956. I'm living in Olney since 1958. I've seen lots of Philadelphia in my time, and over the last ten to fifteen years I've seen a lot of Philadelphia disappear.
The hilariously imaginative novel of non-existence, The Odds of Ottopia, is centered in Philadelphia 2004.
some excerpts:
God's Bricklayer     party ends with a bang     House in Ottopia 43     bilocation--opening odds of Ottopia     surely touched by Eva Stotesbury     Cenotaph of Gordon Matta-Clark     What's going on down there?     dotting the Landscape of Ottopia     Rising Sun and Tabor     Ludwig, Leni and the Lenni-Lenape
true or false question
Which do you prefer, true or false?

26 August 2017

zero seven nine

zero eight zero

26 August 2023   Saturday

Thought about how discovering the two states of the Ichnographia Campus Martius at the University of Pennsylvania's Fine Arts Library--the Furness library--locates the initial discovery of Piranesi's final project squarely within the heritage and legacy of "the Philadelphia School."

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