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Cemetery of San Cataldo, etc.

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Venice Hospital
Whitemarch Library
Yale Mathematics Building
Synderman House
Philadelphia Life Insurance Company
Market Street East Developmant Plan
1976 Bicentennial Master Plan (30th Street site)
1976 Bicentennial Master Plan (Eastwick site)
Lumberyard Town House Developmant
Boston City Hall

AIA National Headquarters Building
Subway Concourse Entrance
William Penn High School
National Bank of the Republic
Adath Jeshurun Synagogue
De Vore House
Adler House

AFL Medical Service Plan Building
Municipal Administration Building
Midtown Development - Civic Forum

City Tower
Meiss House
Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Otto Patzau
Fairmount Park Fountain Competition
Berkeley Museum of Art Gallery
City Hall North Canton Ohio
Y.M.C.A. North Canton Ohio
Library North Canton Ohio
Frug House 1
Frug House 2

National Collegiate Football Hall of Fame
Dominican Motherhouse
D'Agostino House
Wike House

Thousand Oaks Civic Center Competition
Yale Mathematics Building Competition
Service Station Prototype for ESSO
Philadelphia College of Art
Living History Museum
Circle Squared Museum

Mom Goes Eclectic
French Embassy in Brasillia
Electronic Calculation Center Olivetti
Customs Office of the Neue Packhof
Palace on the Acropolis
Immeubles Villa
Maison Canneel
Guggenheim Museum
Glass House and Johnson Estate

Maison Curutchet

Notre Dame du Haut
Governor's Palace
Pruitt-Igoe Housing
Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Richard Meier
Las Vegas Strip
Parc de la Villette
Netherlands Architecture Institute
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao/Walt Disney Concert Hall

Working Title Museum
Flick House I
Palace of Knowledge
NATO Headquarters
Parrish Art Museum
Apraksin Dvor
Le Composites

in Terrain
Mesh Surface City Blocks

Casa Unbekannt 001
[virtual] Museum Museum
ASouq Neighborhoods
Section House
Mat-Slab-Blob Complex
New Atheneum
House for Karl Friedrich Schinkel 008
Altes Box Museum
Acropolis of Contemporary Art

Flick in Musica
Plus All Three House
Fragmented Architectural History Department
Galerie Église




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