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Davide Tommaso Ferrando   SE Theoretical Discourse

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And we could say, quoting Alessandro Baricco who wrote a very nice little book which somehow explains in a very, lets say, original way, what our contemporary condition, already digital culture, digitally, almost digital nature is. Baricco writes _?_ _?_ for the barbarians, according to us, the new generation is the generation of the barbarians, but he doesn't use it as a negative word, "the past is a junkyard of ruins. They go there, look around, take what they need, and then use it to build their houses. They're a little like those who erected the early Christian Basilicas using what remained of pagan temples fallen to ruin, putting together fragments of columns to hold up roofs that those columns would never have dreamed of supporting."

In more of the same way Stephen Lauf does the same with modern architecture, the architecture of the twentieth century, taking what he needs and putting them together in ways that those architectures were never imagined to be used.

Davide Tommaso Ferrando     SE Theoretical Discourse / Architecture into the Universe of Social Media / S01E03     41:17




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