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Davide Tommaso Ferrando   SE Theoretical Discourse

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The procedure adopted in a quite obsessive way, I have to say, by Stephen Lauf who has a very difficult to navigate website titled Quondam which, if you're interested in this stuff, you should navigate because it's full of surprises and things which today are quite, let's say, common knowledge where as a matter of fact, in a quite nerdish way,

anticipated by this guy. So the procedure that he adopted was, as you can see, almost banal, but it is precisely the kind of procedure that tools like AutoCAD [sic] allow you to pursue, so he would obsessively digitize projects from the great masters of the twentieth century such as, for example, Le Corbusier, and archive them in his website and then would start to play with them, no. He would start with the floor plan, section and facade, then he would make the 3D, and the he would start to compose 3Ds made of 3Ds...

Davide Tommaso Ferrando     SE Theoretical Discourse / Architecture into the Universe of Social Media / S01E03     38:30

2021.03.02 01:23
Another coincidence?
Watch around minute 40
Hope you are well.
Andrew Kovacs

2021.03.02 12:54
Re: ...coincidence
Hi Andrew, you didnít provide a link to what I should watch around minute 40.

2021.03.02 14:00
Re: ...coincidence
That was dumb of me -

2021.03.02 16:07
Re: ...coincidence
Thanks for letting me know of Ferrandoís online lecture. Iím actually quite moved; Iíve never seen someone discuss my work before. Iíll have to send him an email . . . I hope.
My brother (to whom I am caregiver) had a stroke 30 January. The stroke did not affect any of his mental/communicative faculties, but he lost a lot of control of his left leg (which was his good leg). Heís coming home this Friday and thus I donít know exactly how much my day-to-day life is going to change. I hope Iíll still have some time to pursue creative endeavors.

2021.03.02 20:47
Re: ...coincidence
Sure thing! I'm happy that your work is being discussed - your site is really really special and great. I have spoken with Davide quite a bit over the last few years and I know he is a fan of your site. Here is his email if you need it: davidetommasoferrando...
I can not begin to imagine how difficult of a situation and emotionally challenging you must find yourself with your brother. I'm sorry to hear about it but clearly you are a great brother for being his caregiver. I also hope that you will have time to pursue creative endeavors. Architecture needs it!
Andrew Kovacs


obsessive way

difficult to navigate

full of surprises

common knowledge


anticipated by this guy

almost banal

AutoCAD [sic]

play with them

3Ds made of 3Ds




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