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2007.01.08 21:15
Care to comment on my portfolio?
It's a toss-up...

Baghdad Cafe

"Too much harmony."

2007.01.08 20:53
I'm eating some butternut squash right now.
Shredded home-grown squash cooked with dill, served as a side dish topped with sour cream. I can't wait till it's summertime again. Plus, the flowers look so pretty among the elephant leaves.

2007.01.08 20:04
Care to comment on my portfolio?
'over compensation' was the search word...

2007.01.08 18:01
Rem demands boycott
I make work up to make sure I never get a real building to design. I've been boycotting everything for years now. As usual, Koolhaas is such a follower.

2007.01.08 17:52
Care to comment on my portfolio?
...and the more entendres the merrier!

Ah, the good old days.

2007.01.03 12:50
Any archinecters from Philadelphia?
The first virtual museum of architecture online started from a rowhouse basement in Philadelphia's neighborhood of Olney on 21 November 1996. Another Philly First, like ENIAC--there was a time, almost 20 years ago now, when I used to occasionally DSC (disk save and compress) a VAX in the building where ENIAC was.
I found out recently that I started living in the rowhouse where the first virtual museum of architecture began on 21 November 1958. I stopped living there 18 October 2006, and the last time I was there was 18 December 2006, a couple hours before I handed over the keys to the new owner, a Haitian man from New York City. In early 2002 I found out that place was once in the midst of a Lenni Lenape camp site, and sacred burial grounds if the vibes I picked up there all those years are true.
The first virtual museum of architecture online still emanates from Philadelphia, now from a twin home on the site of a 1645 fortified Swedish settlement [sic]. At the turn of the 19th century this place was the country estate of Miers Fisher, a prominent lawyer you did interesting things like collect rent from President Washington when Philadelphia was Capital of the United States, and act as agent for John James Audubon's father. By the early 20th century this place was the old family home of the man that "built" the first railroads of Japan.
What I've grown to like most about Piladelphia is that the place is so quondam.

2007.01.02 21:56
what motivates you youngin's
Here's some major league lack-of-motivation:
At the second to last office I worked for I didn't even bother to pick up my final pay check.
At the last office I work for I was there 15 days, 5 of which I called in sick, and then I just didn't go in anymore. One of the partners called to see if I was coming in, and I simply answered no. I think I left a final paycheck there too. As I suspected, they needed the money more than me anyway.

2007.01.02 21:20
what motivates you youngin's

"Please God, don't let Steve Lauf publish this picture."
As if youngin's somehow have a monopoly on being unmotivated. From where I'm sitting there's still a whole lot for them to learn in that department.




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