what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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2007.01.24 11:47
for marcel breuer's admirers
Here's mine, sending one every minute for the next week.
Don't listen to any emails you receive that tell you to save your mediocre library. Do what ever you want! Or put the library underground so all the new parking can be above ground. Plus, enlarge your DVD collection, more tragedy and more comedy.
Rita 2 cent Novel

2007.01.23 22:54
Who is your favourite architect ?
Who is your favourite architect ? whoever designed the Shooting Gallery Wildlife Museum

chose your sterotype, take aim and shoot!
on target joke:
put Michael Graves and Philippe Stark together in a sack hit the sack with a big stick
you always get the right one

2007.01.23 21:21
Who is your favourite architect ?

2007.01.23 16:29
Who is your favourite architect ?

because no one even knows that she designed buildings.

2007.01.23 16:15
Who is your favourite architect ?
The architect of Kloster Hohenwart

because my parents were married there, and because my brother was born in the hospital next door.

2007.01.23 15:45
Who is your favourite architect ?
Louis I. Kahn and Anne Tyng

2007.01.23 15:38
Who is your favourite architect ?
El Lissitzky

2007.01.21 18:32
Museum Exhibitions (MOCA's Skin + Bones)
"When Dutch architects Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos (www.unstudio.com) said "Architects will be the fashion designers of the future," were they really saying something that at base is unethical in terms of it's promotion of planned obsolescence, or were they (correctly?) predicting that architects will soon be the consummate designers of all things that purposefully do not last?"
"Maybe a concerted effort to separate design from fashion is design's real next challenge."
--A Quondam Banquet of Virtual Sachlichkeit: Part III, p. 82.




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