21 February

1462 death of Andrea di Lazzaro Cavalcanti

1500 Jean de Doyac undertook, with Colin de la Chesnaye, architect of the city of Rouen, the reconstruction of the Pont Notre Dame (Paris)

1874 death of Karl Friedrich Eduard Mauch

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Maria, wife of the emperor Honorius...
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21 February
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BIG   489-539 King West Towers

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In 315 AD, the Arch of Trajan was dismantled, moved, redesigned, and rebuilt as the Arch of Constantine.
Eutropia: "Just take down the Arch of Trajan, and place it within the new arch."
Helena: "That's perfect, but where do we put the new arch?"
Eutropia: "I say over by the basilica begun by my son."
Helena: "Yes, over by the basilica completed by my son."
Eutropia: "Yes, over by the basilica begun by my son and completed by my son-in-law."
Helena: "Ha! Must you always have the last word?"
Eutropia: "Yes, I confess."
et clement Trajano in Paradiso via Dante
Afterlife Address of Choice

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Yes, museum as eternal wrest
Qtherwise, think of it as



13022101   Sober House 1 elevation (for Palais Savoye)   2286i04
13022102   Palais Savoye side elevation   2411i05
13022103   Headquarters of D.A.T.A. elevation (for Palais Savoye)   2397i04

15022101   GAUA Bldg 201 plans 1100x550   2429i101
15022102   GAUA Bldg 202 plans 1100x550   2429i102
15022103   GAUA Bldg 203 plans 1100x550   2429i103
15022104   GAUA Bldg 204 plans 1100x550   2429i104
15022105   GAUA Bldg 205 plans 1100x550   2429i105
15022106   GAUA Bldg 206 plans 1100x550   2429i106
15022107   GAUA Bldg 207 plans 1100x550   2429i107
15022108   GAUA Bldg 208 plans 1100x550   2429i108

16022101   BIG   489-539 King West Towers

18022001   Shodhan House model opaque wireframe work   217si01   b   c

20022101   Guggenheim Museum plus half plans   2489i13
20022102   Palace of Assembly plus half plans   2489i14
20022103   iq63 Campo Rovine plus more contigous elements plans   2413i68
20022104   ICM contiguous elements original orientation   2110i186
20022105   iq63 additional field of contigous elements plans   2413i69
20022106   iq63.01 plans   2413i70
20022107   iq63.02 plans   2413i71
20022108   iq63.03 plans   2413i72
20022109   iq63.04 plans   2413i73

21022101   Viipuri Library model opaque only   216oi01
21022102   Viipuri Library plans site plan elevations sections   216oi02
21022103   Säynätsalo Town Hall plans elevations   216pi01
21022104   Säynätsalo Town Hall model opaque working data   216pi02
21022105   Sydney Opera House model opaque working data   218hi01
21022106   Sydney Opera House plans elevations section working data   218hi02

Le Corbusier, Palais des Congrès (Strasbourg, 1964, unexecuted).

SANAA, Rolex Learning Center (Lausanne, 2010).



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