infringement complex 2, etc.
...begin applying all kinds of elevations to the Center City model. Perhaps it is the Philadelphia model that is mixed with the Campo Marzio. ...soon going to be working on Ottopia... ...using the data already available. ...a free approach to everything.

moving ahead
...designing and presenting Ottopia... ...experimentation using and collaging my 3D model collection. present "buildings" that have never been seen before, and these building will become part of Ottopia. ...generate a Nolli type map of Ottopia, making use of all the 2D data presently available. ...the plan of Ottopia doesn't have to make any sense, in fact, if it is to be a real reflection of schizophrenia, then it really shouldn't make any (common) sense.

maison millennium ?
maison millennium ??
maison millennium ???
[virtual] house of schizophrenia [?]
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Ottopia, etc.
...begin composing Ottopia with the houses for Otto distributed upon a collage of mesh surfaces; from there begin modeling of the Otto houses. Given the strange terrain, hopefully the house designs readily develop in schizophrenic ways, plus "otherwise" architectural ways. ...envisioning a use of mesh surfaces for other design features such as roofs and additional landscapes.
The greatest challenge will be to actually design a schizophrenic environment. For starters, lots of repetition and places vast distances apart come to mind... ...not at all sure whether a Piranesian (a la Campo Marzio) Ichnographia narrative will become part of Ottopia's plan.
...introducing mesh surfaces among pieces (sections) of the Philadelphia model, and thereafter redesigning a new metropolis. This Philadelphia manipulation could be part of Ottopia... ...Ottopia can be any number of built environment landscapes, and not just a "meshland"...

continual work
Compose more architecture of Ottopia plans.

Ichnographia Ottopia
...Ichnographia Ottopia. This "place" will house/incorporate all the plans and all the 3D data [of Quondam's collection]. Ultimately, it will be a gigantic virtual museum of architecture. ...begin to register data, and the various placements will generate 'story-lines'.
...latest idea is to put the plan of Whitemarsh Hall into the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and then use other plans as indicative of period rooms. ...ultra-modern "hyper buildings" via collaging the surface forms and standard office block shapes... ...thinking of "infringement complex" plus "surface shapes".
Ichnographia Ottopia as vehicle for creating lots of new architecture.

Ottopia perspectives
...aerial perspectives of Ottopia vis--vis the Philadelphia model. ...an underlay of the Campo Marzio plan data will be added, and the generated data will be mixed and matched with the current data. Likewise, closer attention will be given to certain sites, and perspectives will be generated as the sites get developed.

Place the Arbor St. model within the Illium art gallery of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This is a quondam feature of Ottopia.
Place the Venue and Gallery B models within Ottopia, in their respective true contexts.
There is the idea of going very easy recombinant with the Quondam CAD collection, and in the process generating a new narrative for Quondam. Ottopia is more or less the context, but so is Quondam itself, and so is reality (filtered through the virtual).

some progress
...continuing to use the databases as part of an ongoing architectural narrative at Quondam. ...not sure what that narrative will be, probably keep it in the context of Ottopia/Romaphilia. The narrative might also be about Quondam itself. ...go all uninhibited in order to go places not gone before.

...moved the Berlin database in register with Ottopia at the Tiber Island.

further/new Quondam ideas
Keep on generating model play, and don't worry if it doesn't even mean anything now. Begin to combine the model plays to generate a new virtual environment. ...going to abandon Romaphilia/Ottopia as the general Quondam site. Make it all up now and maybe the Northeast becomes the base of it all.
Start utilizing the Romaphilia model as a place where all the cad collection is given a place somewhere within the base model. Design all the buildings along the Philadelphia Tiber. ...working mostly with plans right now; try to include everything. ...collect all the plans and display them in groups, in strange, heretofore unseen combinations.

filling in the "gaps"
...inspiration regarding how to go about filling in the 'gaps' of the Ottopia plan--create the boundary of the gap and fill the resultant (strange) shape with some existing plan data. ...tried the process behind the Altes Museum, filling the shape of the site with the Chandigarh/Governor's Palace site plan, and the outcome is nice--going to treat it as a mat building with "sculptural" buildings on top. ...create new designs via this Ottopia [Ichnographia Quondam] project.




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