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2009.02.24 15:39
Bilocation Syndrome

a bilocator with schizophrenia?

also room for interpretation

2004.12.19: Things are getting busy here in preparation for the commencement of Leaving Obscurity Behind, the Horace Trumbauer Architecture Fan Club Convention, 28 December 2004. All the guests are getting their accommodations set via Ichnographia Romaphilia--one of the highlights of the convention is that all the guests are in a constant state of bilocation between Philadelphia and Rome, with the register being the match of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the axis of life of the Ichnographia Campi Martii--oddly, Fairmount and the Vatican Hill are the 'same place.' Luckily, Marie-Antoinette and Louis XVI are thrilled to be staying at Eastern State Penitentiary. Otto's going to explain all this in his opening speech delivered from the roof of the Free Library of Philadelphia.
Newest unexpected development: Albert Barnes is going to give a talk, 2 January 2005 (Barnes' birthday) about how his collection should now be hung within the forthcoming new facility on the Parkway. To say the least, the fan club is very anxious to hear what Barnes will say.
In keeping with the bilocation theme/amalgamation of Leaving Obscurity Behind, Duchamp and Jennewein, with help from Michelangelo, are installing new virtual art works for the two still-blank pediments of the Philadelphia Museum of Art courtyard.
Either I never noticed it before or it's a new display, a portrait of Marie-Antoinette hangs in a gallery of the Philadelphia Museum of Art that is next to the gallery containing four French sculptures given to the Museum by Eva Stotesbury in memory of her husband Ned. Of course, Marie-Antoinette and Eva and Ludwig have been very close recently as they prepare for "Here a Versailles, There a Versailles, Everywhere a Versailles, Sigh" to be delivered at Versailles, Herrenchiemsee, and Whitemarsh Hall 18 January 2005. Otto's already made provisions in case anyone attending the lecture comes down with trilocation-sickness.

Alas the search still continues for the hidden Immunity Idol.

2009.02.24 11:55
pragmatists turning political?
now here's a link to nowhere

2009.02.24 11:49
pragmatists turning political?
What you describe relates more to schizophrenic situations, i.e., states characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements, rather than to bilocational situations.
Coexistence and bilocation are not the same thing.
Schizophrenia is a whole split.
Bilocation is two of the same whole.

2009.02.23 09:00
pragmatists turning political?
...a prime example of the proverbial "two sides to every story."

2009.02.21 18:20
Bilocation Syndrome
Yes, museum as eternal wrest
Otherwise, think of it as



2009.02.21 13:47
Bilocation Syndrome
In 315 AD, the Arch of Trajan was dismantled, moved, redesigned, and rebuilt as the Arch of Constantine
Eutropia: "Just take down the Arch of Trajan, and place it within the new arch."
Helena: "That's perfect, but where do we put the new arch?"
Eutropia: "I say over by the basilica begun by my son."
Helena: "Yes, over by the basilica completed by my son."
Eutropia: "Yes, over by the basilica begun by my son and completed by my son-in-law."
Helena: "Ha! Must you always have the last word?"
Eutropia: "Yes, I confess."
et clement Trajano in Paradiso via Dante

2009.02.21 09:00
Bilocation Syndrome
moreover, flexure, doubling

2009.02.17 18:30
Bilocation Syndrome




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