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2016.01.21 13:58
Scott Merrill wins the 2016 Driehaus Prize

duplication, imitation, mimicry, novelty, classical, modern style

2016.01.28 13:31
DS+R-led MoMA redesign scaled back, more details released
real reasons
Trying very hard to be a museum piece.
Failing as a actual museum.
Demolition of the American Folk Art Museum as extraordinary performance piece.
An early high-bar for 21st Century Modern Art, even.

2016.02.05 10:48
More baroque than surreal (although probably more both), double theaters make for very engaging/confounding spaces/places. Morphosis architecture certainly has the exuberance (overwrought, over articulate, etc.), so maybe what it's lacking is the double theatrics.

2016.02.10 10:23
Anyone else see this as a blatant rip-off of Aqua Tower?
"a slow refinement of a given set of forms" is not the only definition of tradition. The ongoing changing of standards is an even more prevalent tradition. At least that's what I've seen most in the last 60 years.
In architecture, traditional is now a style more than anything else. An ongoing repetition of a set of forms that were refined long ago.

2016.02.11 17:59
BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards

You know, green painted spindly sculptures on all the terraces might actually be the best solution. It could be one continuous piece called The Big Lie.

2016.02.12 10:11
BIG's concept for a spiraling-landscape tower in NYC's Hudson Yards
The Big Lie will be a 3D-printed sculpture, of course, where what's 3D-printed is not only the artwork, but the track for the 3D printer to travel up the terraces as well.

2016.02.29 10:41
re: creativity and architecture
Here's the 'paintings' I've been doing along side architecture the last two weeks: 780ar
Plus I'm looking forward to further design development of Old School of New Thinking: 7812
Examples of creativity as a means, but not necessarily as some sort of ends.

2016.04.09 09:35
architecture gone wrong
Hopefully the Union of Romanian Architects will continue to add to this building every 50/100 years or so. I like buildings that are also documents.

2016.04.11 13:04
architecture gone wrong

2116.04.11, hopefully



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