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2011.04.26 08:56
Best Archinect quotes?
Have you ever seen a saluki run at like 10 meters a second about 8 degrees off its target and at almost the last second make a sharp turn and then boom!? Literally breathtaking.

Water for Elephants in the Room
Spoiler alert: it's always been about language and performance.

There was that private email where Brian laughed a little at how seriously his suggestion was being taken. I mean, talk about jumping on the bandwagon sinking the ship.

You know, for me (like for most architects), architecture has always been a sort of tourist site.

It turns out I was at Metropolis Books 24 June 1988, and I do remember admiring the shelves.

They seem to be solutions for a fabricated problem. The projects would be great if there were thousands of nomads looking for an architectural solution to their problem. But, until those nomads do show up and indeed do have a problem that needs architectural solving, what's the point?

...just had the feeling that me and LA is like a cocktail for catastrophe. While I was flying home from LA August 1986 one plane hit another plane in the sky nearby. One of the planes was a Mexican Airliner, I think.

2011.04.25 21:31
Best Archinect quotes?
I really don't like squeezing Japanese beetles to death with my bare fingers, but I've been doing it often everyday lately. I do like killing the beetles while they're copulating though.

Oh, and when not per corell called me an asshole. You do know (I know) who not per corell is don't you?

2011.04.25 21:08
Best Archinect quotes?
It makes me happy that so much of the The Pale King is hilarious. Reinvigorating even.

2011.04.25 20:39
Best Archinect quotes?
Elizabeth Taylor playing an actress reenacting a quondam part she played, now used as an alibi in response to the detective investigating her husband's murder in The Mirror Cracked, followed by the shock when the detective names the movie within which the just reenacted scene occurred.

There used to be this bird outside my bedroom window that sounded just like my alarm clock.

So, doesn't everyone deserve a toilet that will kiss their ass?

He laid the first stone of the historic Bastille (Paris) April 22, 1370. The building was finished in about four years. This work brought upon him the animosity of the people. He was condemned by the bishop of Paris and himself imprisoned in the Bastille, March 1, 1382. He mustered an escape to Dijon, where he died soon after.

In my studio, you will be asked to design a building that everyone will hate to the point where you, the architect, will be imprisoned within it.

"We are all mirrors that have to see ourselves regardless."

2011.04.25 18:32
Best Archinect quotes?
...no doubt smart-ass is the first thing that came to your mind, but you also analyzed the situation, even checked-out the error in the text. In the end you set out to belittle my contribution. That's what you really did.

Page 68 of Privacy and Publicity: Modern Architecture as Mass Media is loaded, and the dyslexical error therein provides a spark capable of igniting an explosion. More truth may in fact lie with the notion that the attributes of memory and remembrance are indeed interchangably fluid rather than strickly opposed. Le Corbusier's 'doctoring' of photography (as discussed in the chapter after page 68) seems to even be a perfect example of the interchangable fluidity of memory and remembrance.
--Balloon and Prick: Modern Reading as Virtual Architecture, (forthcuming).

2011.04.25 17:44
Best Archinect quotes?
"Santa Monica, she's the mother of St. Augustine, right?
And Santa Barbara, she's the non-existent patron saint of architects, right?"

"Shut-up already. We have to get out of West Hollywood before the stupid parade starts. I say we go to Malibu."

"Damn! We should've rented a Malibu."

2011.04.25 17:28
Best Archinect quotes?
I started jumping when I first learned of the news from my broker, and after I was on the phone with abra, I called my cousin Siesta in Yucapai. She's one of the artists I represent.

Rita - can you concisely explain what you are talking about? concisely.

Un-science fiction.

Rita, is Siesta still going to her own openings holding the brown paper grocery bag? wat a shake..

Yep. You know, she still thinks she invented that look. Just thank God you never see her when she's popping in to see her gynecologist. Apparently she's still waiting for the doctor to give her the thumbs up.

2011.04.25 17:05
Best Archinect quotes?
Ja, Pittsker Prize laughed too and then he offered more money. I say, Veight, you vunt more of za rare wurkz. I show you The Size of the Horse's Balls. It iz iconoclastic! I'll tell ya, Pittsker sure knows his stuff when it comes to The Size of the Horse's Balls. He got all the inverted iconoclastic symbolism and even read between the lines. So I said, you are really liking The Size of the Horse's Balls, ja? He says ja, ja ja, ja ja ja ja ja. So then I hum a couple of sentences, you know, like Freud, works all the time, and then I say, you can have leetle discount. We close the deal. And then he told me he's gonna call abracadabra, faia, so I say, you know, to be really good in architecture you must always hold your own. Wow, he says, thanks Rita, I think the whole world wants to see me hold my own.

"Oh, she's just taking a vacation on Uranus. Apparently everybody's doing that these days."

2011.04.11 10:22
Ai Weiwei
Are we not now conditioned to see all discontent as an opportunity?
Parenthetically, what is progress without discontent?

2011.03.31 09:16
is American Architecural Academia about to crumble?
...The virtual takeover of art teaching by the universities in this country has coincided with the dying out of teaching methods passed down from the medieval guilds to the apprenticeship system of the Renaissance and, after, to the nineteenth-century beaux-arts academies in Europe, and this has had a profound effect on the kind of art that gets produced.
"Can there be any doubt that training in the university has contributed to the cool, impersonal wave in art of the sixties?" the critic Harold Rosenberg observed in 1970. In order to become an academic discipline, art had to be intellectualized. Craft and technique were subordinated to verbal analysis, problem solving, and critical theory. University-based art teaching, in fact, became more and more like scientific research, with the pursuit of ideas as its primary goal.
Calvin Tomkins, "Can Art Be Taught?" in The New Yorker (2002.04.15).

Is there a place to talk about crystal balls?
Perhaps sometime in the future all architects will come to realize that software which is "customization-friendly" is more valuable than software that is "user-friendly".

"I, Marcel Duchamp, sometime (drag) artist, fully INTEND for this urinal to stand as a monument to all those who gleefully piss their time away wondering about art, particularly art like this. In the future, everyone will piss for fifteen minutes"

In the future, if I ever don't 'get' something you write, give me a hint or two; you like riddles and I like hints.

In the future, all reality will be recorded by a camera, because if it isn't captured by a camera, you can kiss that reality goodbye.

In the future everyone will remember for fifteen minutes [and forget they ever heard of Rosemarie Trockel].

In the future all curators will be famous for 15 minutes?

Having now taken a closer look it is hard to say whether Koolhaas is smiling (or at least as close to a smile that Koolhaas can get to) because of Prada or because he just got to say on TV that perhaps in the future all architecture "will be embedded in a casino."

"In the future, everyone will be in the spotlight."

"In the future, everyone will only have five messages a week at artforum/talkback."

city of once was in the future
where Undesigning Oblivion is always in style

Sometime in the future, it would be great if art museums began exhibiting reenactments of the 'emporiums' that are site specific to the end of big museum exhibits. The one ending Manet and the Sea is simply hilarious. I want my beach towel depicting the Philadelphia Museum of Art and I want it now!!! Great for nudist camping.

In the future, everyone will be imfamous for 15 hours.

in the future
will type
with three fingers

"In the future, everything will be an advertisement."

"In the future, everything will be an advertisement [especially journalism?]."

You know Clivedin is the only place I've seen an actual reenactment (of the Battle of Germantown). I liked how, after the battle, they had to put electric fans in the mansion windows to get all the gunpowder smoke out. Maybe some day in the future they'll reenact that!

"In the future, everything (including what I wear) will be an advertisement."

"In the future your whole life will be a phone call."

"In the future, everyone will be a starchitect for fifteen minutes."

Actually it's the attention deficit economy, hence, in the future, everything will be an advertisement.

"In the future everything will be a reenactment (in cyberspace?)."

In the future, everyone will be a self link, with absolutely nothing to be sorry about. Self link architects will be all the rage, even.

Yes, in the future, every architect will have five seconds of fanfare playing as they turn around and cock their eye.

In the future, all architecture will be post-modern for fifteen minutes."

“All the world’s a next stage.”

2011.01.08 11:00
...a virtual museum of architecture
a project
institutional critique, even (perhaps a virtual museum is what a real museum cannot be)
continually reshaped
globally readable
cada coda
architecture as the delivery of content
In the future, 15 years of hypercritique will be famous.




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