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1784 Gustavus III leaves Rome

1874 death of Owen Jones

test (poem?) by whomevers
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Re: msst ... er
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Re: Inflatable Church
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liberty architecture moving to ground zero?
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branding and architecture
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Re: If you build it, then it's likely to be torn down.
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Privilegium Ottonianum
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Featured Discussion: Volume
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Thread Central
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The Importance of Precedents and Being Earnest
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Rem Koolhaas to deliver keynote on day 3 of AIA National Conference
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test (poem?) by whomevers
Is there ever a time in architecture when one can be simultaneously inside and outside a SPACE?
Is there ever a time in architecture when one can be simultaneously neither inside or outside a SPACE?

1999.04.19 09:12
test (poem?) by whomevers
My point deals specifically with architecture's first principles, i.e., duality in extreme and its unrelenting distinction between inside and outside. I cite the Great Pyramid as a prime example of architecture as duality in extreme, and you (correctly) cite the International Space Station as also an example of extreme architecture. Just be sure that you likewise acknowledge that the International Space Station is also an example of architecture's unrelenting distinction between inside and outside (and in that sense, even a space suit is exteme architecture).

2003.04.19 22:12
Re: Inflatable Church
More religious hot air?

2004.04.19 13:48
branding and architecture
The Philadelphia Savings Fund Society skyscraper (1929-32, now a hotel) has an iconic PSFS sign on the roof. The design of this sign, which is lit at night, has two faces, one facing the city and west, and the other slightly angled facing the Benjamin Franklin bridge, the entrance to Philadelphia from New Jersey. The other signage/branding on the building was also carefully designed as part of the architecture.

2004.04.19 15:23
Re: If you build it, then it's likely to be torn down.
Last time I was in Eva Stotesbury's Ballroom, the place looked like this:

All the art of the Metropolitan Museum was in this place during World War II.
Museum [in not] peace.

2007.04.19 22:58
Featured Discussion: Volume
Well, since most people are behind the times, yes, the future.

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