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2004     Patent Office
2004     Good-Bye House
2004     Mikveh PMP
2004     I. Kahn Collagio
2004     21st Century Museum of Art

2004.03.14 10:58
Re: koolhaas on charlie
Museums and libraries, architectures as deliveries of content.

2004.03.14 15:30
Re: koolhaas on charlie
I wish a lot more old books were being scanned electronically/digitally and preserved that way.
Also, books like Harvard School of Design Guide to Shopping and Koolhaas' latest Content would have been just as effective, if not more so, had they been published electronically. It is for this reason that I feel Koolhaas' own admission that Content is disposable is nothing less than an indictment of bad design from the very start. The irony is, too, that most books today are already composed electronically, thus then printing the material is more or less a step backwards.

040408   Whitemarsh Hall   3709n

2004.04.19 15:23
Re: If you build it, then it's likely to be torn down.
Last time I was in Eva Stotesbury's Ballroom, the place looked like this:

All the art of the Metropolitan Museum was in this place during World War II.
Museum [in not] peace.

2004.05.08 15:20
Dis: content
Received Content (the new Koolhaas book) in the mail a couple hours ago. Looked through the whole thing page by page once so far. After doing that I realized that Content inside looks exactly like i-D magazine of 20 years ago. The only difference is that i-D is still better at its delivery of content.
[i-D, the worldwide manual of style, a sort of 'underground' fashion magazine that started coming out of London October 1980, and is today more a mainstream, albeit still 'avant garde' fashion magazine.]
I still have my collection of i-Ds from the mid-1980s, and I'll keep on keeping them (especially since they are still so up to date). I doubt I'll still own Content 20 years from now, however.
[reenactment note 356.38976 -- remember how Koolhaas' delivery of Content essentially reenacts i-D's delivery of content 20 years ago. I wonder if Koolhaas even knows he was following the "manual of style"? I seriously doubt it. Just thought of a new working title: From Euphrates Cat To Copy Cat.]
The "Editor's letter' of Content by Brendan McGetrick suggests that "remaining at home [is] torturous," thus it is obvious the editor here doesn't know that remaining at home is the grand luxury of being virtually famous.

3. Architectural Otherness

040630   Villa Savoye   3709o
041018   Altes Museum   3709o
041018   Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen   3709o
041018   Danteum   3709p
041018   Wallraf-Richartz Museum   3709p
041018   Museum of Knowledge  
041018   Arts and Crafts Museum   3709q
041018   House 10: Museum   3709q
041018   Maison l'Homme   3709q



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