29 June

1527 Symon Vitecoq succeeded Roullant Leroux as maître de l'œuvre architect of the cathedral of Rouen (France)

1742 death of Joseph Emanuel Fischer von Erlach

Quondam as a whole new thing
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Re: Contemporary Aboriginal Art
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GZ eyeballed {intermission}
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Re: Helen and the True Cross
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filling in the "gaps"
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Why are people so fascinated with classical architecture?
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OMA   Qatar Foundation Headquarters   Doha

98062901 ICM contiguous elements   2110i32
98062902 ICM plans   2110i33
98062903 ICM plans   2110i34
98062904 ICM grids   3392di03

2005.06.29 11:47
GZ eyeballed {intermission}

This image, from today's New York Times, is the clearest image I've seen thus far to indicate where the redesign process presently is. Admittedly, I really haven't been (visually) following the process over the last few years, but, for some reason, now I get it, meaning I understand where everything (planned) is. In a strange way, this image is almost like looking down from the top of one of the lost WTC towers itself. It was seeing St. Paul's Church at this angle that reminded me of seeing the church from a similar angle when I was last atop the WTC (early September 1990). Just now I'm thinking of what might be an interesting virtual memorial--utilizing a 3D model of the greater NY/NJ area, a "visitor" would be positioned where the quondam WTC observation deck used to be, and from there he or she could direct their gaze taking in the views that once were.

12062901 Ichnographia Quondam ICM axis of life/Benjamin Franklin Parkway plan match   2392i89

14062901 Ury Farm plans contours opaque flat models   2090i10

15062901   OMA   Qatar Foundation Headquarters   Doha

16062901 Kennedy Plaza Fairmount Park Fountain Competition 2200x1100 plans image attached   2194i01
16062902 Fairmount Park Fountain Competition plans site plan elevation sections images attached   2194i02

18062901 Analogous Building plan development plans   2287i11
18062902 Stonehenge Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen site plan plan   2061i06
18062903 Stonehenge Tempietto Museum for Nordrhein Westfalen site plans plan   2061i07
18062903 Stonehenge Analogous Building site plan plan   2061i08

21062901   mirror-copy is001 is002 is003 is004 plans working data   2499i02   b
21062902   mirror-copy is005-010 plans working data   2499i03




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