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2007.07.30 10:02
Duchamp to direct THE LUCKY BUMS
As reported on Duchamp's birthday:
The project fits into a growing subgenre of historical re-enactment as performance art. It has yet to be fully recognized how much Duchamp utilized reenactment within his own art.

Reenactment Season -- 14 July to 29 September

beginning 2007.08.04
The Camp [oh!] Prometheus Interviews
1. Robert Adam and Walter Hopps interview Eutropia, Rubens, Duchamp and Jennewein

"It won't happen here though."
"Why's that?"
"I find virgin wolfs too tempting."
"'Phrase maker!'"

Cortona, wo bist du?

2007.07.25 17:49
Verb: Featured Discussion
The real funny thing is that any good design, whether avant garde or not, is soon enough reenacted.
I wonder how much reenactment is actually involved in legitimacy.

2007.07.25 15:07
Verb: Featured Discussion
I learn/study/write about something precisely because it isn't a bother; it seems to happen naturally.

2007.07.25 14:27
Verb: Featured Discussion
What I am "recommending" is that it does not matter what "this magazine" accepts because "legitimacy" is not under their control.
Whether or not something is in verb has little bearing as to whether something is legitimate or not.
Legitimacy is an amorphous thing.

2007.07.25 13:44
Verb: Featured Discussion
Perhaps all "the experts" really want is to maintain their control of what is "legitimate".
"Official art culture is much more effective in its control of history than Republican strategists, for it knows that the best way to treat contradictory material is not to rail against it, but simply to pretend it didn't happen."
"The Establishment" has a long history of ignoring material that eminates from outside their control, and, more times than not, the establishment ultimately has to accept what it first chose to ignore (or deem illegitimate).
There is a direct relationship between ignoring and ignorance.

2007.07.25 10:33
men thread

"It doesn't matter whether I am man or woman, because I am what I buy and the subsequent trash I discard."

2007.07.24 20:55
men thread
Architecture as hermaphrodite then?

2007.07.24 20:28
men thread
"Now skipping millions of years on the evolutionary scale, I see this soft/hard duality as the beginning of two sexes as well. Contrary to common perceptions, it is the female that is hard and the male that is soft. In simple undeniable terms it is woman that enables embryonic development within her own body--women's bodies themselves are protective shells (only women corporeally possess and facilitate the human egg that in turn allows fetal development). Men, on the other hand, very much do not have a "built-in" protectiveness, hence men make great displays about forever being on the defensive, and indeed it is almost exclusively men that have continually created our planet's foremost industry, if only to create that protective shell that their sex was not born with--the age old military apparatus (shields, armor, war ships, submarines, tanks, stealth bombers, etc. are all "man"-made protective shells)."

2007.07.23 10:36
"dear architects...
Personally, I don't care at all how I appear to others, and getting architects to say "i am sick of your shit" is a constant source of amusement.

2007.07.23 09:54
Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
commodify the artifact
virtualize and open source the archive

2007.07.23 09:19
Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
go in museumpeace
and may museumpeace be with you

2007.07.23 09:06
Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
"Try for a time lock, quick!" -- video unavailable

2007.07.23 08:56
Water and architecture

2007.07.23 08:47
Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
Ah the virtues of a virtual museum of architecture.

2007.07.23 08:30
archinect poem off
excerpt from G (1985)

They say there is a land with no thumbs.
It is called Octal.
Pentecostal 2.
Further reaches than AGG.
And in passing (like on highways)
The Salvation Shrine of the Vernacular.
::a planar orbit still;
flat tested in a post-submission arrival of pre-processed entity data
= 45.267;23::
A fundamental lesson (multiverse first grade stuff).
The Non-Planar Orbit, (advanced studies).
The white background days are giving place to other things now.

2007.07.21 17:51
Verb: Featured Discussion
Unfortunately I myself don't translate into dxf, otherwise you'd already have me via zipped email attachment. On the other hand, I have this great German speaking accent that I never get to use (and when I do use it just cracks everybody up including myself). If you got a German accent, you could at least do that for me.
Here's a context.




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