Stephen Lauf

Acropolis Q on the Parkway  


2004.12.14 16:11
Re: where the Barnes might move to
The site for the Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway has just been chosen--site of the present Youth Study Center (euphemism for juvenile jail) across 20th Street from the Free Library of Philadelphia, designed by Horace Trumbauer and soon to be appended by a Moshe Safdie addition. The proposed Calder Museum by Tadao Ando on the south side of the Parkway will be across from the Barnes.
I'm pretty sure the radio newsman said that a "replica" of the present Barnes Foundation (a design by Paul Cret) will be built on the Youth the Study Center site of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Gosh, just what the Parkway needs, another reenactment.

Test Wacko House II as the new Barnes Foundation; see how the design fits (if at all); new/more drawings/dbs for Romaphilia.
The notion of reenacting the acropolis on the various building sites along the Benj. Franklin Parkway may be the new paradigm for "Parkway Interpolation"; the notions of towers and temples raised on a high plinth may be fecund, (at least virtually).
Test the House in Laguna as the new Calder Museum; see Calder sculptures raised on the grand staircase. Place all the Campo Marzio porticus within Romaphilia and juxtapose with immediate Philadelphia context.
A series of City Hall towers marching up the Parkway.
Superimpose the Gerusalemme model and the Cathedral wireframe.
Model Love Park; superimpose the Aedicule Intercourse.

the [Acropolis Q as] Barnes Foundation model/design should be an ongoing presentation.

2005.08.22 16:36
Thesis Topics
If you're interested in art and museum architecture, a new Barnes Foundation on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway would be a great thesis building design project. The art deserves a lot more space, as do the visitors. Of course, the Barnes Foundation is (ridiculously) restricted into keeping the art arranged as if still in the old/existing facility, but if that restriction were not in place (which is the thesis project I'm suggesting) the architectural possibilities are enormous. The site along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is also a challenge, but well worth attempting.

various inspirations
...like where the Barnes is headed... ...feel like getting out Parkway Interpolation again to develop the schematic master plan (with perhaps a new Barnes design, and move Acropolis Q to the Ury site).

Quondam ideas
Fill in a blank Philadelphia Museum of Art plan with excerpts from other museum plans. Do this for three levels above ground, and also do a series of below ground plans (a la the new Gehry project/expansion). This will be the Museum within Ichnographia Quondam (along with Parkway Interpolation and the Bilocating Barnes and Calder Museum).




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