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1316 Pierre de Chelles and others visited the cathedral of Chartres as experts

1624 death of Thomas Holt

Unthinking an Architecture
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Re: Phila
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Re: architexturalizing
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Re: seagram's building
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"Piranesi Police"
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Re: marshall berman: rebuilding meaning
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AMO asks for your response
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Hadrian was born in Spain
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Future Trends in Architecture
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Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
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Architecture of Decadence
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Unthinking an Architecture [book]
...Unthinking an Architecture [book] . . . the act of unthinking architecture allows . . . [a] free, spontaneous, and facile . . . modus operandi . . . utilize all the resources . . . as freely as possible.
...scale-rotate manipulation of the model collection . . . (the title could be Arbitrarily Unthinking an Architecture.) ...extrude portions of building plans that have been arbitrarily moved around in 3d.
An architectural Ulysses?

2001.09.09 13:34
Re: architexturalizing
I suggest anyone interested in damnatio memoriae (a specific type of censorship) read History and Silence, by Charles W. Hedrick, Jr. (2000). Here are some of the chapter titles: "Remembering to Forget"; "Silence, Truth and Death"; "Rehabilitating the Text"; and "Silence and Authority".
In "Remembering to Forget" one learns that damnatio memoriae actually did more to make people remember than it did to make them forget. Officially and literally, the memory was erased, however, the act of erasure itself, like the scar that it is, only reinforces the real reality that once was. Yes, erasures ironically are very full of meaning...

2001.09.09 14:09
Re: seagram's building
When I read the questions regarding the Seagram's building, I thought about the difference between the 'images' and the 'reality'. In this particular case, the reality is what R. saw yesterday when he rode all around the Seagram's building, and the images, which are all at a remove from the reality, are what is currently exhibited at MoMA/Whitney, plus the long published pictures in books and magazines, and the (iconic) images of Mies and his buildings that are taught to varying degrees in architectural history and design classes. To some extent, this issue of disparity between (architectural) reality and how (architectural) reality is presented has already been discussed, or at least noted, here at architecthetics.
So which is the most valuable aesthetic when it comes to architecture?
Is 'what a building really is' that which is most valuable in terms of being the harbinger of architectural aesthetics?
Is the real harbinger of aesthetics the way in which architecture is presented (which is largely separate from the building itself)?
Is architectural aesthetics really only that non-tangible (or at least non-built) apparatus that sets up the presentation (of the image) and in turn more or less subliminally sets up the platform of appreciation within the minds of those receiving the image?

2003.09.09 20:01
Re: marshall berman: rebuilding meaning
It's interesting how Berman's "Rebuilding Meaning" is all about Libeskind the person, and contains virtually nothing about the proposed design for Ground Zero. I suppose that's indicative of just another form of (professorial) gimmickry, as in "rebuilding the meaning of Libeskind."
Or is "Rebuilding Meaning" really just a propaganda shoe that fits because the foot has been forgotten?

2005.09.09 12:08
AMO asks for your response
NOLA, the new Low Country, the new Nether Lands?
AMO as Dutch Treat?
SuperNOLA is next?
Yes, but what if the earth's water level will rise due to the greenhouse effect? What is the real future of the low countries?

2005.09.09 12:23
Hadrian was born in Spain
Interestingly, Giulio Carlo Argan was Mayor of Rome in the late 1970s. He was co-author of Michelangelo Architecto, and (I believe) instrumental in manifesting the project/exhibit Roma Interrotta.
Maybe Roma Interrotta is really just still going on.

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2013.09.09 17:53
Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
I'm no longer conflicted because this is how I'm going to remember Eisenhower from now on:

2013.09.09 21:43
Obama names critic of Gehry's design to Eisenhower Memorial Commission to oversee DC project
And here I thought the first complaint was going to be that the scale is completely inappropriate for the context and site.
I'm still hoping no body notices that the design is much more Stalin/Soviet style than US/Patriotic style, though. Talk about completely inappropriate symbolism for the leading cold war president!
Hey, if you're gonna be black-listed, you might as well do it right, right?

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